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Awful mental cunt.

Linda is amazing in comparison.
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Pretty much OP but people just forget the retarded stuff Koko does and still call her the best girl even though Linda has done nothing wrong.
>act like an irritating lovey-dovey faggot
>get punched

Nana too wild for this show

People actually this? Pathetic.

She is obsessive and high maintenance. could you really stand to be around someone like her? she's insufferable.

Remember when she stole that photograph? Selfish cunt.
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Good, you 1-2 people can be here in your ghost threads. Get it?

I love romance but this is getting exceedingly boring to me.
Anyone else loves the new opening?
>obsessive and high maintenance
You're talking about koko yes?
File: 1387676897254.png (962.79 KB, 1280x720)
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>You're talking about koko yes?

Yeah, of course, I was referring to people who thought Koko was the best girl.

No, it's pretty bad.
The opening was once again shit. I thought the ending was "all right" this time though.
I don't know who was in charge of music, but they did a bad job.
I thought the OP was pretty cool and original, compared to your usual happy anime opening on romances.

The guy who composed the new op and ed was the guy who did Immoralist in Dragon Crisis (also with Horie).

I love it, but I can see people disliking it.
>I love it, but I can see people disliking it.

Just because it's new and original doesn't mean it's good. The music is mixed so badly. It just sounds wrong.
I never said it was good and I agree the mix could get some work, but I just like the song and the contrast between a high tempo and the wind background.

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