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So, what are your thoughts on it? It turned out a pleasant surprise to follow for me, especially now after the timeskip.

Nagi no Asukara thread folks. Let's see some talk of it.
I was enjoying it a lot last season but after thevtimeskip it became completely different in tone and much more heavy on the feels which has propelled it into one of my favourite anime of all time depending on how they end it

Also does anyone else find this show similar to shinsekai yori?
ignored it completely until someone recommended it to me and now it's my favorite show of the season(s).

it's been nothing short of spectacular, atleast for me. really looking forward to the rest of it and I like not really having any idea where the show will go now post timeskip.
It's good. It will be even better when Miuna wins the Hikari.
them basically killing off half the cast pretty much killed it for me (no pun intended). i'm going to finish it because >pride, but i probably won't derive any enjoyment from it.
Not going to happen

Also why does japan care so little about incest?

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