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>MC meets a strange girl while walking to school
>she disappears, he forgets about it
>"Class, we have a new transfer student today!"
>it's her
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>MC and girl meet eyes
>they both gasp as they recognize each other
>by pure coincidence they're seated next to each other
Deconstruction of harem cliches
Sausage SHAFT
this was my quickest drop of the season
I can deal with a fair share of cliche, but the show just revolves around it

>the yakuza are really nice guys
Nisekoi does this well. it is the exception.

fucking masterpiece

AOTS for sure
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>Nisekoi is my Tokyo exchange student roommate's favorite manga
>my tokyo extange student


Elevens sure like it so much

hey man he just wants some light hearted harem romcom antics
It doesn't do anything "well" it just play every single goddamn cliche in the book completely straight in the most obvious way possible.
For a guy that reads so much manga, I thought he'd have better taste.

I live off-campus. One of my old roommates was moving out and knew him through some friends. It's not like I asked to live with someone from GLORIOUS NIPPON.
No matter how well it plays out these cliches, it doesn't make me any less tired of them.

to do it well it has to play it straight

the manga doesn't carry a sort of "better than though" attitude about these harem cliches that it feels the need to turn them around into some form of parody just to tickle the fancies of so called connoisseurs of good story telling

it recognizes how these cliches became cliches in the first place and executes them to contemporary standards with sincerity

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