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What the fuck is up with the author? He went full retard after volume 3.

I'm talking about how he is transforming his characters into psycopathic killers, especially Kazuki. The "development" for lack of better words was forced as fuck and just terribly executed.
bump for Maria.
I respectfully disagree. But even if I did agree, what does it matter? Kazuki is FAR more likeable now that he's gone insane.
I'm fine with character development, but the transition should be believable, which I don't think happened to Kazuki.

Honestly, since he mentioned his tear fetish it feels like I'm reading fanfiction. I didn't like him all that much either at the start, but you can't just swap characters like that.
Anime fucking when? Never, I know.
I think the transition was believable, to be honest.
Yes, the tear fetish is a weird thing, but it's a weird thing both in respect to his previous character and to his current character. It barely fits either.

As for his radical change, it was brought about by the events of Kingdom Royale. As was basically everyone else's change. And let's face it, repeating the experience of manipulating and killing a bunch of schoolmates doesn't exactly bode well for one's mental health.

I think the development felt quite natural.

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