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We all know she was best girl.

But what did 2008 /a/ think?
We all agreed to Silver Hair Moka and you should too.
I have a few question about this series /a/. I heard that when they were making it they designed entire episodes and sequences around whose panties would be shown, how long, and who's they would be.
I also heard this is one of the reasons why the sub was so creepy (I have not seen it so I cant confirm).
>designed entire episodes and sequences around whose panties would be shown

only to be covered by the damn batman

No bat on the DVD/bd versions
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>that one episode in s2 where Censorbat was the villain of the week and he took over the whole school
>then his waifu beat him up

I bet you really missed out if you watched the DVDs and Censorbat wasn't blocking pantsu.
File: Koumori.jpg (39.50 KB, 356x200)
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>Not worshipping komori
>We all know she was best girl
But that isn't moka's true vampire form, you fucking trembling faglord.
Fuck you
Not my fault you have shitty tastes in girls, true vampire moka is superior in every single way possible.
I have shitty taste? The fuck are you talking about?

Mizore has:
>Loner kuudere personality
>Cute face
>Striped stockings
>Short hair
>Sexy purple

Vampire Moka:
>Generic cunt personality
>White almost flavorless hair
>Minimal appearances

Again, fuck you.
Mizore has:
>Creep personality, sure as hell wouldn't want that.
>Uncute face and personality
>Stripes are for sluts who just want to peacock to boys, and want to be filled in every hole like the sluts they are
>Short hair makes her looks ugly, long flowing hair is true beauty.

Vampire moka:
>Strong independent woman, wont let you rule her unless you prove yourself worthy
>Beautiful white, truly a marvel to be seen
>She's so amazing, showing her too much would ruin the show because everything else wouldn't even matter.
I can't let you continue senselessly defaming my waifu faggot. Sure vampire Moka is your favorite Rosario but I'm sure you've got another waifu right? So please stop.
Talk shit, get hit, shouldn't have tried to deny the undeniable fact that Moka is best.
You're really fucking rude you know that?
Sorry, It's in my nature.
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I haven't watched the show but I remember her face all over /a/ from the time, so I guess she was liekd alot.
She was 'liked' a lot
Sure, I guess you could put it that way, those boys at the school sure did 'like' her a lot, infact they got to know her very very well, especially her body.

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