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It has been a year, let's discuss the Winter season of old.

Is there any show that was actually memorable? The only one I can even remember the characters/plot for is Love Live and that's partly because it has a season 2 coming out next season. The only good thing about this season was the carry overs from Fall like SSY and Jojo's. And the shorts were also alright.
Chihayafuru S2 was fantastic.
Kotoura and Tamako Market were a lot of fun.
Minami-ke Tadaima bringing back some respect ot the franchise.
>Is there any show that was actually memorable


>The only good thing about this season was the carry overs from Fall like SSY and Jojo's

Chihayafuru was great and Mondaijitachi was a fun watch.

>Minami-ke Tadaima

I really need to get around to watching that.
Pretty bad season.

Osaka Okan was pretty funny.

Yama no Susume was good.

Sasami-san had its moments and I actually liked the randomness but I didn't even finish it.

GJ-bu was good

Nekomonogatari was good.

I haven't seen anything else.

I'll at least watch Chihayafuru someday, though.
GJ-bu was fucking excellent.
AKB next stage was fucking excellent
Tamako marketo was watchable
Although Kotoura-san became absolutely fucking terrible after a few episodes
Also cute blue-haired Osakan was neat

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