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File: Blood_Alone_v3_006.jpg (595 KB, 2060x1432)
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Why are these scans so BROWN?
they're brown?
I'm colorblind could'nt tell
Scanner? No Cleaner?
IDK, maybe it's really like that
just level them your self if you don't like it. its not that hard also volume 4 scans where?!
Was going to ask for this also...

They do not exist.

Dead serious. Vol 1-3 were done by M-S (the random scanlation of Vol 1 doesn't count, because it was atrocious), who only ever do scans of the English releases. Since Infinity Studios is notorious for making way too small of print runs, and the fact that this is a pretty minor release (in relation to everything else), my guess is that M-S simply hasn't gotten their hands on a copy and gotten around to ripping it apart and scanning it.

I'm still waiting for my hard-copy, btw.
You sure M-S did volume 3 as well? Gotlurk only shows some unlabeled version of vol3 that had those double page scans from OP post and their homepage also only shows volumes 1-2.

The scans are labeled M-S, but you're right: I'm not 100% sure (and actually, mangaupdates has "Froger" listed as the group that released Volume 3).

In the end, the scans were well translated, so the little issues with color,etc. were easily forgotten.

Another tip (to avoid having to manually edit the levels on such scans), is to use an app like CDisplay that has built in gamma/color correction. The default color correction along with a gamma correction of about 0.70 should make these scans turn out pretty good (or, at the very least, more black).
I was going to buy a copy myself but they sold out fast as hell guess you're right about the small print runs.

Amazon just got them back in stock (but with a 1-2 week delay). I bought mine last week direct from the publisher.

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