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Does /a/ hate Guilty Crown? Why/why not?
It was shit and I would have not had fun watching it if not for the threads on /a/.

Though I do like the OST.
keep confusing that series with Horizon

doesn't help that they were made at the same time and I didn't watch any of them.
>Does /a/ hate Guilty Crown?
/a/ is not a hivemind.

I enjoyed it, but I can see why some did not (That ending).
The MC did come off as crybaby faggot most of the time, but at least he had interest in the opposite sex unlike other MC.
The OST was based as fuck!
Sure seemed like /a/ was deadset on hating it yesternight.
Just finished it and besides the bad ending the show as a whole moved on well. Maybe an ending that wasn't so rushed could've helped?

But I do agree. the OST was awesome.
>Maybe an ending that wasn't so rushed could've helped?
Possibly. I think most people who got upset were looking for a better closure for the series. So many side-plots were left unanswered. So much, that a second season (or a few OVA) would be needed to answer them all.
Mayve a few OVA, because an entire new season would be dull and unnecessary seeing as the main evil was gone.
Yeah basically this. The whole thing about Mana was resolved without answering any questions
not so much hate, but disappointment.

Disappointment that I had so much hype built up for GC, only for it to come crashing down with a subpar plot, autistic mc and heroine, and a crazy clown guy who wanted to destroy the world just because.

It was still fun to watch if you let go of the hate though. Shoe's reaction to every bad thing was pretty funny too
I was definitely wanting a better fight between shu and gai. I liked what they did to shu, though.
I think what was needed was for the producers to be knowing/self-conscious of how much the viewer (or at least, myself) despised shu and inori. My favorite part of the series was gai removing Shu's arm but it seemed that they didn't get that. I will say thast it was quite incredible how they got me turned against the trypicasl shounen protagonist and his girl. An achievement in its own right.
People raged a lot but that's it.
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You will see when S2 airs.
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Post the mayo one.
It has nothing to do with GC and google has it.
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