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>this fucking cat.

This show is pretty much a representation of weeaboos in the west and how they behave in nip establishments.

If I had a penny for each faggot I've seen in local ramen shops taking pics of their food and posting them on facebook, I'd be one rich motherfucker.
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>How do they keep finding us?!
>I don't know, lucky guess?
I already forget, is this Space Dandruff?
didn't see episode 2 yet, but the alien lettering is a hiragana/katakana cypher?

Has it been decoded yet?
File: dandytable2.png (51.36 KB, 400x800)
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responding to myself
yes, it has been decoded. pic related.

See: http://altairandvega.net/2014/01/06/cracking-the-dandy-code/
>Only people in the west take pictures of their food
You haven't seen Japans's Twitter trends have you?
Half the time there's some sort of food trend going on and the nips love twitter thanks to how many people now iphones over there. Flip-phones are ded sempai
What about kojima's twitter stream, he takes a photo of EVERYTHING he eats, even if it's a snack.
Except it isn't?

Do you guys not know how people act, especially on the internet?

This shit is common as hell around the world, if anything it's just some thin social commentary if you even want to call it that.

What's up with people feeling the need to create things that aren't present in a show, its' this and Kill la Kill. Seriously

Anyway to be on topic did anyone else think that the action sequences looked a bit inferior animation wise to everything else in the show?

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