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What if all the studio merge up into two big studios?

Trigger, Gainax, Sunrise, Ghibli, etc under the banner of blockbuster normalfag anime. They only throw budgets at things 500 million of people will watch. But /a/ enjoy most of these too so why the fuck not.

On the other hand, KyoAni, SHAFT, Silver Link, DEEN, etc merge under the Otaku-pandering banner. They make only nice looking anime with little girls that normalfag fail to appreciate.

Yeah that's impossible, but this is a fucking what if thread.
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What if I report this thread and call you a faggot while not bumping the thread?
I will bump it while not reporting to cancel it out
Reporting shit you don't like is 14 years old
>Reporting shit you don't like is 14 years old
I don't get it.
Where else should I discuss anime studio and industry shit you faggot.
>what if nintendo microsoft and sony made one big console guys?
We already have that.
It's called PC master race
Try not to show off your /v/ power level
File: 1388729016144.jpg (422.92 KB, 793x1004)
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I ought to take a screencap of this thread and paste it next to the encyclopedia definition for "bait".
You know, I always wondering why PC gamers are so insecure they always go with their "master race" bullshit.
I'm pretty sure every studio has made an "Otaku Pandering" anime before, your premise makes no sense and shows a clear lack of knowledge in both anime and animation studios from Japan
Maybe because it is?
It's for people with job who need one machine to rule them all. I don't write a document or editing photo on consoles. Also it has more games than all console combined.
They already do that, look at the credits for any anime production and you will notice that much of the work gets outsourced across several big name studios as well out of country ones.

The anime industry in Tokyo is really just one big circlejerk at this time.
Of course, studio that has made 10 anime means they have their hands on multiple kind of differents anime. Can't let that get in a way. Just look for what they each do best and throw them together in a merger.

Gotta think like a business man.
There's nothing insecure about telling the truth dude. But since this isn't a video game board we probably shouldn't have this discussion.

Anyway OP is a faggot and his threads is garbage

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