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File: dragon ball z season 1.jpg (701.48 KB, 1604x880)
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How are there no Dragon Ball Z Season 1 BDRips yet? It's been almost two weeks already.
>loving DBZ this much
Eternal manchildren are the best type.
i mean i want to own the sets that are worth owning i.e. dragon box, upcoming blurays, rock the dragon,, orange bricks but anything else is wasting money
And I want the version of Cardcaptor Sakura that aired in Australia that included the dubbed Catch You, Catch Me without any cut content or censorship.
Alas, it will never happen.
Not buying all 25VHS tapes from fye in the early 2000's
The BDs are terrible. Instead of leaving it at the old 4:3 ratio, they cut off like 1/3 of the image in order to make it look widescreen. I'm also not a big fan of what they did with the colors.
i thought they fixed the cropping errors that were in the orange bricks?
>without any cut content or censorship

I thought Australia was notorious for censoring everything that might possibly offend anyone at all though? Isn't there some law about not being allowed to have small tits over there or something?
Australia doesn't censor anything. They either take the US censor, Europe censor if any, or don't do anything to content. Prior to the release of the 18+ classification for video games, there was a few video games that were censored by the developers prior to release in Australia. Like Left 4 Dead II. And even then Australia got it wrong, because it was mostly just blood and gore that were censored.

Card Captor Sakura's original airing was unique on Australia's Cartoon Network in that I can't even explain properly which dub it was without the information conflicting with any and all of the original airing information across the internet.

Also that whole thing about the flat chests being illegal was just feminism overreacting as usual and nobody really cares. The legal cases all involved known sexual predators that had several offenses to their name and were on watch for any potential behaviour, and that included flat chests, so got in to trouble and the media decided to blow that up for a little bit. Towards the bottom of these articles it's usually mentioned that the people involved were known sexual predators. Australia is in general a very laid back place in terms of policy and we genuinely don't give a fuck about anything. XXX DVDs are illegal but video stores still sell them in the adult section, and now video games are getting the same treatment if they are really that bad. Not that there's a market for eroge or anything over here.
i stopped keeping up with the random box sets
i fine with the movie collection

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