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When was the last time you saw a truly "original" character in anime?

Someone that's more than an archetype, or combined two types in a unique form that meaningfully affected his/her interactions with other characters.

Did he/she make an impression? Was his/her show successful? Do you think shows like that are meant to make viewers relate?
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I'm sure there are others, but pic related

>Did he/she make an impression?
Her forwardness and laziness were amusing
>Was his/her show successful?
Yes, very
>Do you think shows like that are meant to make viewers relate?
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Kirito is pretty original.
S3 when?
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>original characters in anime
Original Characters?
Those words don't exist in anime.

captcha this
Char I guess? Maybe she only stands out because she's surrounded by every stereotype in the book. But she's still a reverse trap which has been done.

My original character in my self published anime
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He looks like the stereotypical

>You can't beat me, MC-kun
Who is Lulu?
I think Saki is
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Watashi was pretty great

The key to being an "original" character is to be gray and ambiguous, like a real person. Sometimes act one way, and sometimes the other.
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i'm sorry i don't discuss things with tripfails.

this post will intentionally not bump the thread in order to show my disdain.
Some of the girls in Non Non Biyori are kind of hard to characterize. Like how would you classify candy store? People would say "delinquent", but is that really who she is? No, she's not actually ever shown to be anything like that, she's just kind of gruff/bored (no doubt from her job) and has a deep voice. She's just candystore (kaede).

Natsumi is also a bit atypical. One could say she's a boke, but that doesn't really reflect in her character, she's more.. rascal-y, mischievous etc, and it takes a certain kind of cleverness to be like that, so she isn't so one-dimensional so as to be summed up as a boke.
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It's fun to see a psycho bitch who isn't a yandere. The only other one I can think of is pic related.
That's a new one
OP is also a public trip
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he appeared in one episode in the anime

so I guess he counts
Stuff happened in the last chapter, so someday, I hope...
I would argue with the premise of your question rather than attempt to answer it. It's impossible to escape from archetype in the construction of narrative. It would be like building a house out of air. I think the the originality one looks for in a work is in rather the nuanced execution of archetype, in its marginal elaboration and incremental evolution from an existing state to a more sufficient one. The significance of these marginal changes aren't readily appreciated without immersion in a culture sufficient to see the inevitability of existing types and to understand the way they express a universe of significant and only slowly changing truths to those so versed in the culture. For them, minute alterations from past portrayals open up new vistas. Wholesale departure from archetype would cut them adrift from their cultural cosmology, a kind of death of identity if you think about it.

The question you ask is essentially why don't the tropes of the other culture's art evolve to become more like the tropes of my cultures art. Imagine someone form Japan asking your question of American superhero archetypes and you see what I'm getting at.
that's a he?
negative sir
mako reporting in.
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This girl was somewhat original since she was a weird mix of tsundere and kuudere.
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I thought Rui was pretty original.
that shit got me bad man, she made me diamonds 100%
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Funnily though, despite all being purposeful exaggerated stereotypes, all of the characters in noucome were pretty original.
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He makes an impression
on my heart
You're gonna need some caveats for "original" there OP. Because it doesn't take a lawyer to stretch that word to apply to every character or no character depending on how you define it.

If you take it to mean totally original, then no anime character qualifies because muh archetypes. And if you're willing to allow for archetypes and influence from previous works, it's just a matter of arbitrarily saying "this is too much influence".

Seems pointless.
Traps are common.

if you ask me, the most original character in anime is a split between Mariandale and that Dragon character from that one colors anime.

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