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I'm about to start FLCL for the first time. I'm got some dual audio files. Do I watch dubbed or subbed? I hear the dub is really good for this one.

Also, does /a/ have a website for things like this, like the old /v/ recommended games wiki?
Why are you fucking asking this? Of course it's the sub.

I heard the dub first so I prefer it. I'd never pick dub over sub otherwise. Up to you.
Ah, yes, thank you for reminding everyone that /a/ is the last place to ask for advice on anime.
One vote for sub, one vote for dub. Anyone else?
Fuck off, indecisive retard.
There's so much going on visually, I'd recommend the dub
You're being so helpful. I take it you recommended the sub? I'll watch the dub purely to spite you. Thanks for the input, anons.
Fuck off and learn to Google.
I was introduced to the dub first. Honestly both are great.
Only a few shows manage to pull this off (cowboy bebop etc).

If you enjoy FLCL after watching it, try "Ghost stories" as well (make sure to grab the dub though).

>does /a/ have a website for things like this
Our Wiki. It's the first thing listed when searched for on google.
Also look for "Anime season charts" and "anime recommendation charts".

>Which sub-group released the best version for the _________ anime.
The answer can be found in our archive with a simple search.

>I've started downloading and want to icons to change the folders. Where do I find them?
The /a/utisim icons can be found: http://animeruinslives.blogspot.ca/

And remember to always lurk if you have no idea what's going on.
>I'm about to start FLCL for the first time.

Holy shit. Just curious, how old are you?

The dubs are a lot better than most, but dubs will never sound more natural. Just watch it with subs.
both are good
decide wether you want to read the whole series or listen to it

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