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File: happy incest girl.jpg (80.64 KB, 1280x720)
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I'm not even a big fan. I just want to read more greentext stories from anons that have either particularly innocent or particularly lewd imoutos.
No more imouto?
Normally I'd say that this is a good way to get a thread deleted but I doubt the janitors care about us anymore
Wasn't the last thread deleted by a janitor? I don't recall it hitting bump limit.
Should I hug my imouto?
Sure why not.
They show up once every 12 hours delete 2 threads then leave
I kinda wanted to hear about that guy going to dinner with his imouto
>sees imouto baking cookies
>says they're for me
>tries them out
>turns out to be dog food cookies
>spits them out instantly
>she laughs uncontrollably
would do it all over again just to se her laugh
>dog food cookies

How old is she?
tfw no sister wife
11 years old
File: 1379032774945.jpg (134.44 KB, 470x480)
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134.44 KB JPG
Still waiting for sauce on the hentai about the brother and sister with a gloryhole between their rooms.
That's pretty cute. Sounds like you have a nice imouto anon
There's 2

One is Fella Pure which is long but amazing

One is called Onehole
>She's invited to join in with a group of her friends to a trip to the beach
>Mother is making me go with her since she doesn't trust my sister to be alone on an overnight trip
>Me and sis have to go swim-suit shopping because neither of us own any swim-suits since we don't normally swim
>I jokingly ask her to try on the really skimpy two-piece bikini with more string than cloth, knowing she hates such things
>She blushes and say "W-well, if you w-want me too..."
>She grabs it off the rack and walks to the chaning room, her gaze looking straight down
>I wait outside the changing room, wondering if I pushed her too far and if she's angry at me
>She steps out of the changing room with her hands clasp behind her back, her lips pulled tight in a grimace, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment
>My mouth will drops in shock at how good she looks, the strings of the bikini resting ever so gently on her curves, giving her a sexiness I've never seen before
>She softly asks, "W-well? How d-do I look..."
File: 1374714989749.png (151.65 KB, 438x420)
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151.65 KB PNG
Did you even attempt to search for it? You literally have all the keywords in your post.
she's incredible. What about you anon are you blessed with a wonderful imouto?
Let's not post incredibly fake stories. It sounds like you took it right out of an erotic story, writing style and all

Hey, I took care to make sure I was telling it just as I remembered it.

I have others if you want them, but I guess since you're just going to insult me...
I'm in a bad mood. Feel free to ignore me
File: Sora consoling Haru.jpg (213.91 KB, 972x959)
213.91 KB
213.91 KB JPG

>Wanting more greentext stories specifically
>Making a thread just for that instead of just letting them happen
>These threads are about 50%+ of greentext stories now.

I miss the old imouto threads where it was just me and one or two other Sorafags, the Kirinofags, and the occasional Mikan/Minato/Ui/OTHERfag posting pictures and declaring our love for our favorite imouto with the occasional greentext story that may or may not be real.
My imouto is beautiful and a great girl. I'm the person >>100084933 is talking about
Well I miss the days of good moderation on /a/ but we can't have what we want can we?

Anyway There's a thread like that up right now, check the catalog
In exchange for giving this guy the stuff he wanted, can anyone recommend me a good h-manga about a loving onii-chan and imouto? Or maybe just a regular manga.

I really need one
File: 1384401004990.jpg (582.95 KB, 1017x1156)
582.95 KB
582.95 KB JPG
tell us about your deito, anon.
also, post more imoutos.

I see no imouto thread that isn't this one.
>my sis was scared of a recently moved in sex offender
>acted as a daring onii-chan
>"I won't let anyone hurt you".
>she cowardly asks to sleep in my bed
>obviously agrees
>later in the night I feel her prod me
>she asks "c-could you hold me?.... I'm just...cold...
>hugs imouto entire night
File: good.jpg (197.07 KB, 1324x1078)
197.07 KB
197.07 KB JPG
You're a good onii-chan protecting his imouto
You lucky fat neck bearded vinyl listening queer ass mother fucking retarded bitch!
Okay but it's not that interesting to you guys probably

We went out to a nice-ish mexican place just the two of us and we had a really nice time together. It made my heart feel so good to be with her like that. We've always gotten along really well so we talked the whole time about random stuff and I made her laugh a lot. She's just so pretty. We decided to go home afterwards and watch a movie together on netflix, and we both sat on the couch together under the blanket. We didn't do any weird or ecchi things, but we sat really close and she was occasionally leaning against me, it was nice. After the movie she changed into her PJs and came out to hug me and told me she had a good time, and then said goodnight and went to bed. All in all a really nice time
File: 1378855744713.png (40.44 KB, 162x150)
40.44 KB
40.44 KB PNG
I did, but the most related link I could find was a request at fakku.
Does your imouto know about the type of things that go on in this thread? Or does she think you're just trying to be nice?
You might want to look into the panda image of mystery rather than normal search engines.
I am just trying to be nice. I'm not taking advantage of her or anything, we're good friends and we're just growing closer. I'd like to grow even closer than she probably thinks bit that doesn't mean I'm doing something wrong or bad
My point is that she needs to know what goes on in these threads to fully appreciate and understand the type of relationship you want with her. Assuming said relationship should become any more dynamic than merely 'friendly'. I mean, in summary, maybe... but, to me friendliness between me and my imouto involves kissing. On the lips!
don't feel like green texting anymore or replying I'm the same anon with the dog food cookies and sex offender story.

Once me and my imouto decide to go biking. We went on an old bike trail no one really took and just rode for about 30 minutes chatting and just enjoying each others company. We parked in front of a pretty big body of water to relax and rest. I laid on the grass and closed my eyes. To my surprise I see her rest her head on my chest and close her eyes. I could only smile and think "she's perfect I only want the best for her". I wrapped my arms around her as I simply stared at the water and hoped this moment would last forever.
I would love for that to happen but I don't want to force or rush things. For now my goal is us getting used to more body contact with each other, and I'm going to try and text her more while I'm away at school
Okay that's nice and all but I'm telling you you need to introduce her to this stuff early so that she comes upon these ideas on her own.

Can somebody else take over for me?

Also you need to end your sentences with periods lest someone decide to slap you across your face one day.
Man thats fucking sweet. Make sure she's becomes a sweet teenager. It would break your heart for her to become a bitch in her teenage years.
File: 1339557077857.jpg (32.87 KB, 433x380)
32.87 KB
32.87 KB JPG
Well how the hell am I supposed to do that without creeping her out in some way? I can't just show her these threads like I just stumbled across it and felt the need to show her.
You're a really great onii-chan dude, and you have a cute little imouto. Your stories are really sweet
Ease her in to it. Maybe try with anime first, or accidentally leave a thread up and let her in to your room then sneak off for a little bit so that she has the screen all by her lonesome to stare out. Afterward, work up to one of the anime or manga in this thread by giving it to her to watch and let her come to her own conclusions. Be creative!
Here's a real one for the imouto-less, happened last night.

>Play super Mario on Wii with imouto for Friday night
>after vidya, watch an old Disney animated movie on Netflix
>imouto drifts asleep on couch
>getting sleepy too
>turn off shit, carry sleepy imouto in arms
>too lazy to go to her room, decide to bring her to my big bed and crash
>my bed has tons of fluffy pillows and cozy as fuck everything
>plop her on one side of the bed (pomf), walk my ass around and collapse on the other
>tuck her in and kiss her forehead
>proceed to get comfy as fuck in comfy bed and sleep immediately
>wake up early in the morn, feel very warm but unable to move
>this is due to imouto-snuggles
>her warm body was pressed onto mine the whole night
>get my free arm and gently rub her head
>she snuggles harder
>back to sleep
>wake up around noon, imouto is missing (probably downstairs playing vidya by now)
>smell something nice, look at nightstand
>an overfilled glass of juice and a small plate of strawberry toaster strudels with an icing heart on them, still warm

Don't even remind me m8. I never want her to be a bitch or even think of her getting a dickhead of a boyfriend. I just want to sit still and enjoy the life. So I'll sit back relax and enjoy making dinner for her and having her smile or watching a movie together or sleeping together and not having a care in the world. She's my world and my sister and I love her.
Eh, maybe. I'd like it if that worked but it seems too fictional. Maybe it would help plant the idea in her head.
File: 1378459271315.png (23.13 KB, 138x99)
23.13 KB
23.13 KB PNG
That thought never crossed my mind.
File: 1370025615509.gif (1.29 MB, 359x307)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB GIF
Way too cute, anon!
Mine has grown into a fat hipster SJW Homosuck cosplayer. Feels bad.
File: 1366527735726.jpg (134.62 KB, 568x564)
134.62 KB
134.62 KB JPG
I am so jelly right now, I wish I had a cute imouto to protect and hug all night.
It isn't fictional and it does work. Your execution of it probably seems fictional because you're not capable of real-world application and thus you are doomed to failure.
File: rain.jpg (18.18 KB, 385x361)
18.18 KB
18.18 KB JPG
>tfw this is your current situation
Wow. If this is real... I don't even. I cried a little.
Yeah you're right, guess I should kill myself
Don't do that. Your imouto would be sad.
hang in there, anon! She'll mature!
>looking forward to such a thing
Don't take it too slow anon. If you don't give her the love she needs soon, some random jock certainly will.

Don't lose to strangers, be more proactive.
don't fret anon keep fighting. That sweet little girl is somewhere in there and she's dying for her onii-chans love.

Also quick tip for those anons whom want to keep their sister off the market for idiots and swaggots. BULK UP. It will be a godsend when they start lining up at the front step.
I'll try my best
You can't protect her from these guys 24/7 though.

That's why you need to be her first.
That was directed at you, not my imouto, I don't care what you have to say. I told the story because I was asked to and then I'm immediately told I'm gonna fail because I don't want to try and trick her into thinking of indecent things. Screw off
wait...sex offender story?
Oh don't listen to that anon. You don't need to get her into anime and you certainly don't need to have her read these threads.

Just keep it up with the dates and increase the skinship between the two of you until she seems ready to take it a step further.
imouto lip
Dont read it wrong I simply helped my imouto sleep in her time of need. Read the thread more clearly and understand that.
File: 1388810737168.png (155.66 KB, 409x447)
155.66 KB
155.66 KB PNG
I don't have an imouto or an onee-san, unfortunately, and I never will. All I have is a piece of shit otouto that plays shitty League of Legends all day and fails his classes.

However, I do have a cute niece. When I was younger, perhaps four or five years ago, I visited California, where she lives. I was reading a book in my chair when she walked into the room and asked if I wanted to see her panties. Then she pulled up her skirt before I could respond, revealing that she was wearing shorts instead, and said "too bad!" before running out of the room.

I wonder how old she is and if she's still cute and adorable. I hope she hasn't become a normalfag. I miss her so much... I remember playing through a level of Super Mario World for her and her brother and she was really impressed. I'll be really angry if she's become a degenerate normalfag. I need to go visit her and check to see if she's doing fine.

I wonder if she remembers me. ;_;
>I'll be really angry if she's become a degenerate normalfag
you already know she has
such is the fate of all women

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