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File: 789087674.jpg (635.71 KB, 1385x922)
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>MMORPG set in Tsutomu Nihei’s megastructure
>levels constantly change and are infinite in size due to builders
>character creation choices: safeguards, silicone lifeform, builders, humans, gaunas, bears, chimeras, etc
>spawn choices: input coordinates or random (game program makes sure you are alone within a 124,545,608,973,560,874,586km radius; in other words, if all 7 billion humans on Earth logs in at same time using random option, it will still take you months before you meet “intelligent life”)
>if you do meet “lifeforms,” there are no indicators to tell you if they’re computer generated or human player (no name bar, health bar, etc); to get info you can either try to send messages or kill and jack into their “brain”
>game concept is a fusion between Dark Souls, Shadow of Colossus, ICO, Journey, Monster Hunter, and Minecraft (a lot of death, solitude, and mystery)
>no storyline or main quest line; computer generated lifeforms you meet can give you personal quests or you can kill them and info jack on possible other quests; human player lifeforms can recruit you to party for quests or you can kill them and info jack to see if they have other quests
>you can travel alone until you die of old age in the real world or build strongholds, communities, clans, etc until you die
>anything can be built: weapons, vehicles, “lifeforms”, etc, but since the builders constantly change the megastructure, material source locations change unexpectedly (keeping updated in internet forums can help)
>if you die, you get warped into a net-sphere-like environment (as big and as mysterious as the megastructure) and retain your stats; anything you built in the megastructure will be preserved until builders arrive and change it

I’ll start posting concept game art.
Are you gonna make this game?
File: 87932456.jpg (310.95 KB, 1200x850)
310.95 KB
310.95 KB JPG
You just want to dump some Nihei don't you.
Not like I have a problem with that.
File: 123412567.jpg (121.43 KB, 620x555)
121.43 KB
121.43 KB JPG
File: Biomech_waifu.png (436.61 KB, 1119x1600)
436.61 KB
436.61 KB PNG
>Eroge set in Tsutomu Nihei’s Sidonia
>you get to romance a gender neutral that becomes a boy/girl acording to your preferences
>a giant humanoid biomecha
>a giant humanoid biomecha that wants to kill you
>an android
>your XO and the immortal ship captain
File: 234534568.jpg (151 KB, 398x660)
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151 KB JPG
I don't really see how builders would work as a playable character
File: 345647889.jpg (108.78 KB, 600x417)
108.78 KB
108.78 KB JPG

Anything is possible. I forgot to mention that Nihei did not specifically mention that his works are isolate. They might all be in the same universe.

Keep them ideas flowing.
Autist + Minecraft.
it would have to be a late release, or only set on certain servers i guess
File: 4568799760.jpg (337.59 KB, 1487x768)
337.59 KB
337.59 KB JPG

Being a builder might give you better abilities to build or better access to resources. Human players don't know if you're computer generated or human (unless you act in a "human way").
so a quest will be search for a human with the net terminal gen?
both autism and minecraft? a bit redundant don't you think?

but really
I would see them fitting better as a more environmental hazard
random giant robots that build intrusive structures all over the place
often times insides whatever hole a player might call home

I don't think other players would have access building mechanics, or only having very limited building options
if I remember correctly, in Blame! the builders just sort of materialize matter out of nothing in order to build
I don't think anyone else had access to that ability
besides I think a game set in the mega-structure would be more centered around nomadic survival
I image the safeguards being a pure pvp faction that non stop hunt the other players
File: 8976423.jpg (405.61 KB, 850x600)
405.61 KB
405.61 KB JPG
so.. With the Knights of Sodonia show airing soon what are the chances a few anons or a new group translating volume 11?
File: 324534658.jpg (548.33 KB, 1280x1083)
548.33 KB
548.33 KB JPG

if you want or from an NPC/human killed or given

anything is possible
Sandbox mmo's are the best too bad no one makes them anymore


Stopped reading, no thank you
basically rust combined with anarchy online?
the show will probably create more buzz so I imagine someone will pick it up

last time I checked some anon's from /m/ were translating it
but I don't really know what's going on with that
>blame! MMO
>somebody gets radiation emitter
>everybody else dies

beams OP plis nerf
File: 546756867.jpg (175.04 KB, 649x558)
175.04 KB
175.04 KB JPG

safeguards might spawn around you with graviton emitter shields and swords

best if you pick random spawn after that
I have a sudden desperate urge to watch a movie with a ridiculous budget set in this kind of structure.
File: 1361405191006.png (418.70 KB, 919x849)
418.70 KB
418.70 KB PNG
I helped organize that and I can confirm that nothing is happening on that front.

That project was all crowd sourced from random anons I don't see if someone else wants to attempt translating volume 11 go for it.
File: 345346785.jpg (489.68 KB, 1492x922)
489.68 KB
489.68 KB JPG
I can see it check first for Biome type & scale (dome, chasm, pillar, submerged, etc...), followed by structures, then on rare occasion populated centers/spawns.
fuck off
What if someone just makes a Minecraft mod
File: 345345777.png (170.24 KB, 600x427)
170.24 KB
170.24 KB PNG
Lifeform: Bear
Job: Guardian
Skill: Sniping
Special item: Backpack

Whenever I think of Blame! animated, I get a directorial style similar to Samurai Jack.

Long sojourns of solitude, BGM and SDFX emphasized, and sudden, but quick bursts of action and violence.
File: 5555566777.jpg (137.75 KB, 398x660)
137.75 KB
137.75 KB JPG

You have vision
File: 87908098000.jpg (53.12 KB, 500x369)
53.12 KB
53.12 KB JPG
File: 234534565.jpg (322.48 KB, 740x1120)
322.48 KB
322.48 KB JPG
File: 2345634564.jpg (136.69 KB, 1193x817)
136.69 KB
136.69 KB JPG
File: image.jpg (100.90 KB, 1000x442)
100.90 KB
100.90 KB JPG

As long as I can have this, and only this as my weapon, I'm in.
You get the weapon, but you're just an human, would you still use it?
File: 977776868.jpg (166.24 KB, 700x1116)
166.24 KB
166.24 KB JPG

Nice. What does it do?
File: image.jpg (403.28 KB, 1419x1100)
403.28 KB
403.28 KB JPG

If only to fire once...and be torn apart in the process...yes!
File: image.jpg (498.11 KB, 1455x1100)
498.11 KB
498.11 KB JPG

Anon, imagine the Yamato or Macross cannon. Now imagine it was the size of a Walther PPK.
File: Blame.Academy.02.jpg (323.25 KB, 822x1200)
323.25 KB
323.25 KB JPG
As .long as I can marry Sanakan I'm alright with anything.
File: 7897900888.jpg (432.85 KB, 1188x812)
432.85 KB
432.85 KB JPG
Welcome to the Great Hall of Moria
Redeemed Sanakan > Loli Sanakan > Hunter Sanakan

>"You're carrying our baby Cibo"
What the fuck.
Blame! is fuckin' weird, man

also, I don't remember loli Sanakan
When they first meet her, just before finding the human hunters.
Remember Cibo took over Sanakan's body. They essentially fused as she is able to suppress Sanakan's personality. When she had to hack the level 9, she went crazy because she can't control it, and during the mean time she took Seu's genes which actually contained the gene they are looking for. So that orb is like a mix of Sanakan, Cibo, and Seu. Since it has a bit of Sanakan too, it's their babby.
File: 456756879.jpg (230.01 KB, 657x569)
230.01 KB
230.01 KB JPG

It might lack the explosive force. But dat penetration
But she was using the alternate-future Cibo's body when she hacked into the level 9 safeguard, wasn't she?
File: 78889786.png (16.65 KB, 425x237)
16.65 KB
16.65 KB PNG
How do i get this mount?
I think so but didn't alternate Cibo have a run in with Sanakan too? I forgot, but that orb did have Sanakan's stuff in it.
File: image.jpg (273.82 KB, 599x1044)
273.82 KB
273.82 KB JPG

No anon, it does go boom.
I thought alternate future Cibo got left behind in Toha Heavy Industries somewhere. I don't really remember, so much weird shit happened to Cibo I can't keep it straight.
IIRC Cibo took over Sanakan's body and used it for a while. Much later Sanakan took back her body and Cibo ejected her consciousness and landed near alternate-Cibo. Much much later, A-Cibo tried hacking the level 9 and I think Sanakan tried to kill her there and that's where their bodies fused and Cibo melted due to overload. I don't remember where did Sau's genes got mixed with them.
The genes that the Sillicons stole from them was Seu's gene. They used it to access the net, but remember the net people caught on and slowed time to a crawl to buy time for Cibo and Killy to stop the Sillicons. When Cibo overloaded their fake body they used to access the net, that's where it came from.
File: 234523467.jpg (44.58 KB, 423x645)
44.58 KB
44.58 KB JPG
Me as Seu with Mensab wandering the megastructure forever while holding her hand
Alternate Cibo got her brain fried while they were jumping back to their original time/world at Toha's reactor, Sanakan-Cibo found her body much much much later just as Sanakan was regaining control, S-Cibo expelled her consciousness near the body and took A-Cibo's body as her own.
So, Cibo had the genes, and they melted together with Cibo's body after she overloaded?
Pretty much yes. The orb fetus is a mix of 3 people's genes.
>alone for months
Just what I wanted.
File: 3456457899.jpg (57.85 KB, 500x312)
57.85 KB
57.85 KB JPG
I was trying to make sense of just where Sanakan got involved with the baby, to me it just looked like she had a gay crush on Cibo and wanted to take responsibility.

>alone for centuries

How much time did they spend in that one elevator with the robot operator? A month?
File: 346456789.jpg (22.83 KB, 680x500)
22.83 KB
22.83 KB JPG

Massive (very)
Multiplayer (7 billion humans can log in same time with room to spare)
Online (you need to have human genes to access Net...)
RPG (rocket propelled grenade)
I haven't read through Blame! in a while
but I thought it was something like 600 years
Nihei sure loves bears.
>Everybody is Kyle running around with a BAAM gun.
Fuck no.
I'm pretty sure it's 1000 hours, and that's roughly 1.3 months.
I can't wait to do the "Climb Stairs for 250 Years Dungeon!"
The final boss is one large stair.
File: 345645678.jpg (89.31 KB, 728x1051)
89.31 KB
89.31 KB JPG
Shit I really hope that thing is NPC
File: 456745678.jpg (169.15 KB, 644x978)
169.15 KB
169.15 KB JPG

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