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Anybody else skipping this season to work on their backlog?
I'm skipping this season to catch up on last season, which I skipped to work on my backlog.
I am currently going through Photokano
I do that every season.
I only pick up like 3 shows a season so no. I will try and work on my steam backlog though.
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>not waiting for BD's every season

enjoy your censored animu
I say I'm doing that every season, but my low standards make me watch everything.
I'll never work on that backlong.
No, it's not hard to keep up with 4 shows
I manage my shows in a way which prevent me from having a huge backlog to play catch-up with:

>Setup tags to download any show that sounds interesting before the season starts.
>If the show is a one-time watch:
-Watch it as it airs.
-Delete it from hard-drive right after.
>If the show is a keeper:
-Wait for quality release.
-marathon the entire show in one sitting.
-Move it to storage.

Step your game up OP.
But you can't engage in the intellectual and constructive conversations on /a/ if you wait until the shows finish airing.
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Oh Anon, but I can!

Most series don't lose their buzz until halfway into the next season. This give me plenty of time to talk with other /a/nons about a show I chose to marathon after it aired.

As for the one-time watch type series, I'f free to engage with the rest of this board as it airs.
I skip all years of anime to read manga.

It's pretty stupid to watch anime when it just comes out. Better to just have all the better and more enjoyable series to just bunch up over the years.

simple math dictates that if there is only one worthwhile anime in ever given season there will be 40 series by the end of the decade.
>implying I'm not always working on my backlog

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