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SO what was the GET?
kagami sip
raki suta
Woah, and I never even saw the get. How did I just do that? Woah.
File: 1204595038550.jpg (43 KB, 576x891)
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It was a MANkoto GET, stop asking.
You better delete your post. . .Dummy.
No he is not. He is a little pussy who expected a girl to put out after dating her for a week, then cheated on her with another girl, then cheated on her with another girl, then slept with one girl's friend in a rape situation, then did another of the first girl he cheated with's friend, then did three of the second girl he cheated on's friend at once, all the while ignoring his first girlfriend, leading her to get raped by his stupid and annoying friend, then switching back to his first girlfriend when his mistress gets pregnant (thanks to him), and then makes things worse for the pregnant girl by telling her to get an abortion with no consideration on how she feels, ultimately leading to the pregnant girl to stab him repeatedly in the chest while he rolls around on the ground crying like a pussy and finally showing that he may have cared for her when he touched her bell as he died, and following his murder the girl he dated, cheated on, broke up with, reunited with, and possibly would have sex with her that night, cuts his head off, goes insane, kills the pregnant girl and then cuts her open to see that she was not pregnant, even though the scene is somewhat ambiguous, and retreats with his head onto her yacht.

Overall, he is a pussy. He deserves no praise for being a stale and unlikeable character
Most copyable copypasta I've seen in a while.
So what was it?
Kagamisip. In b4 USODA
what was the 9999999 get??

9.9m was a failget
10m was kagaminsip (not shopped)

What animu is that from?
Well there was two gets..

9.9~mill get

and 10 mill get

what were both?
File: 1204596493192.png (339 KB, 876x740)
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>9.9m was a winget
>10m was kagaminsipfuckbastardfail (not shopped)
File: 1204597780809.png (154 KB, 883x677)
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also cirno with 10M99

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