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Would you guys be up for another slowpoke White Album 2 thread? I just finished it.
I don't think I stopped crying until 5 minutes after the end credits finished.
Watch the first White Album while you wait for the next part to be animated.
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I heard the first WA adaptation wasn't very good, though. Is it really worth it?
And yes, I need S2. This was of the absolute best of last year. I hadn't cried that hard since the first time I watched 5cm.
I think this is better than 5cm, as much as I like Shinkai.
Yes just don't try to expect it to be like this one as it has a very different tone to it.
What about the ending made you cry?

I thought it was done very well, though not particularly sad nor depressing.
WA1 is a bit of a period piece about the seedy world of show business in 1980s Japan with a harem protagonist who isn't oblivious to all the temptation around him. Has a great ending concert but people hate it because it has a shit plot twist epilogue.
WA2 is a fucking high school drama. Dropped.

But apparently both White Album adaptations are shit compared to the VNs. I wouldn't no tho.
I see. I'll do that then. It has Hirano, so why not?
I don't think very much could top this in terms of quality, anyway. I miss good drama in my anime.
Don't lie, now.
It was how emotionally human everything was. They all felt like real characters with real emotions. The music, too, was almost a character, and it was beautiful and tragic. Everything was just so conflicting.
What makes you think that I'm lying?

I even agreed with you that I thought the ending was done well, but I didn't think it was sad or anything. It's just setting up the pieces for CC/Coda.
I haven't played the VN. If you have, I can see why it didn't make you cry.

But yeah, almost every episode made me cry, actually. Not just the end. I cried progressively more the more episodes I watched. I knew there was going to be sadness, and the happy moments were so happy, too. It was a wild ride.
I didn't find it sad either, unless you were feeling bad for setsuna getting what she got int hat episode. I did feel a little sad that haruki couldn't be with his true love but not enough to cry for though.

Here's some pillow talks that someone was asking for from a thread awhile ago. Haven't really found a "alive" thread to post it in since
I think it's mostly that every moment was so emotionally involved. I just couldn't help crying. I wasn't just sadness, but the happiness, too. There are few anime like that for me, and this is one of them.
Hmm, maybe you just cry easily?
I don't, actually. For some reason, everything just hit me hard, I guess. I thought everyone would have cried to this anime, but I guess it's only me. Maybe it has to do with my own high school life, but whatever.
Also, the more objectively better something is, the more I'm subjected to it, I guess? I don't know. It was just really good.
I kind of envy people that can cry easily. I have never cried when watching/playing something.

The closest I got to crying in WA2 was during the Uwaki route. Shit was depressing from start to finish. Then I raged with lolSetsuna at the end.
OP here. I used to be like that. Then I found my emotions with anime, so now when there's a really good one, like this, I cry during it.

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