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I've never relied on anything from you people but now is the time for your vast knowledge of anime to come into play.

There was a show that I watched as a kid that I want to watch SO badly now that I'm older, hell even my sister remembers it.

The movie was about a robot kid that was created in a lab of some sort, he ended up running away or his creator died but either way he was traveling with a girl on his adventure.

Along the way he finds a bunch of his old robot companions and they travel together until around the end where they are all turned evil and I'm pretty sure the robot kid ended up having to kill all of them to save the wold/city whatever.

PLEASE SOMEONE tell me what this movie is, my sister isn't into anime but she really wants to watch this again and so do I.


The robot kids all had lines going down their faces as well if that's any indicator, if I remember it correctly.
Astro Boy
It's not Astro boy, I don't think, unless its some other with a kid that doesn't look like Astro boy
Movie filled me with many emotions, was happy at times but then shit just hit the fan when his friends turned evil, can't believe I can't find it...have searched every key term I could think of in google.
I'll be amazed if nobody else can think of it, was SUCH a good movie.
Chin-chan's Wonderful Journey: Friends Turn Evil And I Must Kill
It could have been Rockman X9 or Rockman DASH 3.

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