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File: neuro102.jpg (100 KB, 400x591)
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What does /a/ think?
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fucking nationalistic shit
File: Neuro Rape.jpg (58 KB, 500x562)
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The domestic violence and great rape faces make it oddly compelling.
File: I SERIOUS'D.jpg (73 KB, 704x792)
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I honestly tried to like it,I really did,but...

^Not a troll,dead fucking serious here. Every single case they work on is as dumb as a box of hair,the cop characters are completely useless,the villains couln't be more obvious even if they tried,not to mention that they turn into cackling animal monsters or some shit after they've been found out (what the christ?)...
Unless it dramatically improves itself after episode 8,don't bother with this crap.

The opening song is pretty awesome,though.
File: 1204401681629.jpg (85 KB, 336x336)
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I've only read the manga, it was nice so far. I really liked it for, shall I say, it's crazy style .
I think it needs more doujins since I only got one so far.
This is one of those cases where they saw a really cool manga and thought "Hey, that'd make a good anime", and were wrong.

Horribly, painfully, dreadfully wrong.

I think part of it is its episodic nature, and part is the level of detail that you just can't really go into with an anime without massive costs. In manga, QUALITY background characters can be accepted as "unimportant", while a more serious tone is added to the foreground. It could also be treated as comic relief without being fucked up by animation. Just doesn't look right, you know?

Same with the creepy cackling animal people. In manga form, it's lent a certain class, it feels more like it's just stylish rather than fucking stupid.

All that really matters is that the manga is superior. Read it, grab the OP and ED if you like them then drop the anime like...
like I just dropped the ball? I guess?
File: 1203892815109.png (102 KB, 335x334)
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You know what time it is?

Refreshing to say the least. I like how they make the most "evil" and cruel humans actually human while lesser "evil" become monsters. And Neuro's rape faces are great fun.
File: 1202860227509.jpg (53 KB, 600x447)
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so moe
File: 85.png (221 KB, 457x461)
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you know it bitch
The anime had the potential to be awesome, but it isn't. The manga on the other hand, is.
I'm slightly interested in watching it because it has Kana Ueda.
File: Spoiler Image (81 KB, 921x568)
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File: 1204600761574.jpg (39 KB, 500x800)
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Do it, Japan.

Anti-israel propaganda

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