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How do you watch anime? I just watched a few of the new shows, and it occurred to me that perhaps I'm not watching anime right. Watching five new anime in the order they're put out, basically five first episodes five second episodes, all in whatever mishmash they come? Does that leave any room for manathoning a backlog? I usually don't watch the new season.
I just wing it.
I usually just watch the first episode of everything, then I give every thing with a bearable first ep the 3 episode treatment. Usually half way through the season I'm down to a handful of shows and I can use the rest of my free time to watch my backlog, or play video games.
if the threads are fun and the series is exciting and the speculation is worth it, i generally will watch a series as its airing. but most of the time i'll actually wait for a season to be done, see what people say about the seasons shows. and marathon the best ones at the start of the new season and only watch a few first episodes of some of the more interesting shows in between or when i want something different just to see what to expect of the new season.
>Does that leave any room for manathoning a backlog?
Not usually, no. Which is why people call seasons a "backlog season" when they look bad.

I usually watch far too much as it airs, and slowly get through a few anime from my backlog over the season. The week or two between seasons is when I get marathons in.
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OK thank you for your input, it's wonderful to receive replies.

My hypothesis now is that maybe I don't even like anime. I can't remember when shows air and always fall behind. Even though I've been NEET for months I've barely finished a handful of shows and can't keep current. I've thought about making a list of when new shows come out so I can stay on top, is that what rational people do maybe? It's seriously hard for me to drop any show.

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