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Do it.
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>Everyone's an orphan
>Everyone's lost their best friend
>Everyone's got some conveniently shaped scar on their body
>Everyone has magical transforming swords
>Everyone has black hair
>The plot is everyone is fighting to see who the true protag is

>SoL for first 5 eps
>full grimdark mode on ep 6. imouto rape, death, the whole 9 yards
>ends in suicide
>MC is Ecstasy aka darks

The plot writes itself
>Anime about a Japanese girl pissing off /b/ and forced to put sharpie in pooper so her oni chan doesn't go to prison for being an incestuous pedophile.
>The MC has power to kill people by thinking, without having to know their face or whatever
>Goes on /a/, start killing random poster he disagree with
>and the worst part is. The killer has shit taste
>The Book of Revelation
>The events play out, but not exactly as the book describes
>The great demons are the Canaanite Gods that YHVH broke away from
>The Seals are attempts to stop them from climbing back to Heaven
>The world is at war through manifested Gods
>The final seven years aren't a decided victory for Jesus and Co., many events don't go as planned, and even the final battle has no reasoning as to HOW God wins, because he just assumes he does. John of Patmos had no answer for the victor.
No fedora atheism. Gods vs. Gods, justifiable reasoning on both sides, and a big bloody battle with baby-face death cannons and angels made of eyes.
MC turns into a serial killer when he goes to sleep but doesn't realize it initially and takes a while to catch on. When he catches on, he tries to never sleep again, but can't avoid sleeping forever and sleeps eventually. Wakes up in a jail cell, his alter ego that comes alive when he sleeps was tired since it sleeps while MC is awake and messed up when killing someone. MC gets raped in prison for the rest of their life.
If it sleeps while MC is awake, then wouldn't it be super rested?
File: Hio_Smug.jpg (64.01 KB, 185x261)
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64.01 KB JPG
OP said edgy, not funny.
If the mc stayed awake a long time then wouldn't the alter ego be well rested?
whelp, I'm clearly not well rested
>MC has some shitty backstory where he got raped every day as a kid and his parents are dead
>as it turns out later in life he rapes/sexually harasses every single girl he sees
>he always gets away with it
>the world loops
>OP is not a faggot
>Everyone gets along
>Suddenly, mod comes in and bans everyone.
>While everyone is revving up to write moot angry emails over this power crazy mod the posters get party van'd
>The mod was trying to save everyone, seeing his failure he sells himself on the streets
>mod-kun is now a normalfag's boypussy and worst off he likes it
>NTR end averted when mod-kun is asked to marry normalfag
>Mod gets van'd all the previously van'd anons take turns on poor mod-kun
>Mod-kun enjoys every second of it
MC is a hitman who is one day hired to kill his family for $5 billion and follows through. It turns out that he's schizophrenic and the person who hired him doesn't actually exist, so he just killed his family for nothing.
>Combat is based on time travel
>Every character has some sort of specific time travel power (looping, controlling the flow of time, etc)
>The characters go police timelines to make sure people with time travel don't screw things up
> People who can make alternate timelines and freeze time screw things up; time travel powers collide and mess with each other
>Weird time shit happens every fight scene and is incomprehensible to the viewer
>MC is a high school freshman, he's a loner and have black hair and red eyes
>MC falls in love with the only goth lolita in his class
>There's some serial killer in town that kidnaps and kill (and probably rapes) schoolgirls
>MC love interest get kidnaped and MC goes after her at night, without his parents permission
>MC finds the girl and the kidnaper in some abandoned building
>Girl get killed before MC eyes
>Serial killer is actually Grim Reaper
>MC sees how the reaper is taking her soul and somehow kills it
>MC is now the new Death and have to travel across the world killing random people in very edgy ways
Shit, didn't read OP.
I-It's still decent, but it might be 2deep4me.
would watch, also end with a "what the hell did I just watch" kid of feel
Background info:

>New graduate from college
>In some sort of arts program
>Finds out its useless
>Ends up finding work at a factory

Main plot points
>Finding a way to work towards happiness
>Accepting that life has no "end goal", it's always an ongoing road
>Learning that everyone has their own story to tell
>Finding a lasting love, one based not on first sight but on a building friendship and eventually romance

That's what I want.

>It'd be edgy because animu can't be made for actual adults, just manchildren who can't leave high school behind
>Humanity once was the apex of all life, existing outside of the boundaries of fate
>Chosen by the gods and worshipped by the other humanoid races that inhabited the same world as them, they created a vast empire
>Slowly eclipsing the Gods that had created them, but being consumed by the immense power they wielded
>Through infighting and war, subjugation of the other races (leading to open rebellion), and cursed by gods they created, Humanity stood at the brink of extinction
>The last corrupted lords and kings decide to make one last mark upon the world before they inevitable die out.
>First is a genocidal campaign by the greatest magic users, resulting in the destruction of an entire continent and the most of its population.
>Second is the artificial creation of an elven race, almost exact copies of their creators but fused with magical power that ultimately doomed those who came before
>everyone dies the end
like jigoku shoujo, but with more gore
File: 1387672176270.gif (442.65 KB, 450x310)
442.65 KB
442.65 KB GIF
>Weird time shit happens every fight scene and is incomprehensible to the viewer
All it needs are a few angsty Japanese teenagers and you've basically got a SMT game.
Part 5, pls go.

I liked Dio's power a shit ton more.
File: logo-gotedgy.png (9.67 KB, 323x323)
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9.67 KB PNG
>Black haired transfer student with a brash attitude and no friends.
>Gets picked on by most people in school.
>One of the few friends that develop gets brutally murdered and the other one is in constand danger of having the same fate.
>People the Transfer student has tried helping have always turned their backs in the end.
This, this is the edgiest so far. Hell, I felt it on my wrists.
>MC is a pure-hearted, benevolent young man with many friends and a girlfriend. He fights for love and justice.
>One day he gets home from school and finds his whole family murdered
>He vows to find the culprit becomes obsessed with making a time machine to bring his family back
>Slowly begins his descent into madness and apathy as he watches his beloved friends get killed off too, sometimes right in front of him
>MC finally completes his time machine but decides not to use it because he wants to find the criminal first
>A very wealthy and influential company that practically rules the world catches wind of MCs time machine, and they offer to buy it from him for loads of money. They decide to hire him as an employee as well, so he can develop more technology for them.
>MC decides to join them because why the fuck not. By this point he's lost most of his pure shounen spirit.
>MC becomes filthy rich. He becomes one of the top dogs at the company. He starts too look down on the less fortunate. He doesn't even care about finding the killer anymore.
>His gf, who stuck with him all this time up until now, leaves him. He doesn't care. He just buys a new gf.
>One day, the CEO calls MC into his office. This is an honor. No one has seen the CEO before.
>He walks into the office, and at the desk is a slightly older version of himself. Next to him is the time machine. The two MCs exchange smiles and a high five. MC gets into the time machine. He knows what he must do. He must kill his family and complete the loop.

I don't know where the fuck I was going with this, but I tried.
MC is an immortal, can't speak in anything but monotone because of trauma from early social experiences, and is rejected by everyone they try to become attached to as a result. Immortals being something that normal people don't realize exist, they seek to reveal the secret to the world, but the world ends up having a big shitfit about immortals existing and futile attempts of genocide occur. Later they are sent into space and something goes wrong that sends them away from the planet, they lose all their memories and integrate with the new society that comes there after as thousand years, is treated like shit, forced to kill people and later plans vengeance on the entire civilization, but falls into a coma after trying to personally control an army of a billion robots and is only able to put it into action after the society has changed, thus they start killing innocents and slaughter the entirety of the civilization by the end before declaring all mortals to be the incarnation of evil and heading off to do the same to all civilization.

This is the worst idea ever.
Fantasy setting
The MC is a 14 year old who comes from a family that can control shadows. Their ultimate technique involves creating a pair of black wings, but when the MC tries, it only creates the left wing. He is an outcast and super angsty. His 27 year old onee-chan is always trying to cheer him up when she isn't sexual harassing him.

He resorts to forbidden edgy demon blood magic to make up for the lacking power. It's forbidden in his family because the darkness powers make you susceptible to possession, but he is unusually resilient to this. One day, while sulking in a remote place at night, a demon tries to possess him thinking it would be easy. He fails and gets sealed in his right arm.

It still hurts like hell so he goes running home. His onee-chan is about to yell at him but then sees his fucked up arm. She tells him in order to stop the pain, he has to face the demon in the spirit realm. He drops some acid and goes to another dimension.

"You're pretty brave coming here like this to face me, anyone else would have just cut off the arm." They scuffle for a bit and the demon goes for a decisive strike, but MC blocks and releases a blinding flash of light. After seeing this, the demon gives an "I know something you don't know" look and starts to negotiate.

The demon says he will give MC power if he kills somebody from the MC's rival clan for him. MC is of course suspicious as fuck, but remembers that demons can't screw you over on deals like this. He leaves the acid realm and his sister immediately starts cheering for him while trying to molest him.

Fast forward, the MC has gotten some side kicks but they don't personally mean anything to him. He faces down some of the enemy clan mooks. They shoot beams of light out of their asses and have angel wings.

He gets to the target and gets his ass kicked a bit because it's some old noble. He's about to lose when suddenly he gets another wing, but it's not a black wing, it's a white one. The enemy is paralyzed from BAKANA at this point and the MC impales him with his demon arm.

As he is dying, his shocked expression fades and it turns into a smirk. "My my, <MC's sister> sure did a fine job" as he reaches over to his arm and lifts up the sleeve, revealing a strange birth mark. The MC immediately lifts up his sleeve to reveal the same one, and then starts shaking the corpse while screaming "WHAT DOES IT MEAN".

He gets back to his sister and asks her. "Oh dear, I knew this day would come. You see, I am not your sister, I am your mother. The angel clan captured me one day and..."
I don't fully understand.
>MC has the strongest power ever so he can get all the revenge
>It's super bloody when he uses it, including a gross transformation sequence
>To activate the power he has to kill someone he loves, every single time he wants to transform
>The final boss is the government
>The heroine gets raped
The idea of using drugs to travel to an alternate realm and fight shit actually sounds really interesting.
File: 1388892114847.gif (681.33 KB, 800x800)
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681.33 KB GIF
>MC is a factory worker whose daily job is to hammer in nails all day
>been hammerin' these nails for a good 10 years
>has absolutely no romance in his life, virgin, never kissed a girl, never had a girlfriend
>manages to pull himself through his shitty life by watching anime
>has a waifu, who he dedicates his whole life to
>he's watching anime one day and gets sucked into the 2D realm
>it's a realm full of cute lolis and beautiful women with superpowers and shit, and they lust after his cock
>his waifu is in the realm too, but if they so much as kiss him he'll never be with his waifu
>has only the hammer he's worked with for years to defend himself
>whole series is him hammering his way through bitches and whores to be with the one he loves
>final boss is the God of Loli, a huge Mahou Shoujo floating in the sky
>Smashes an unarmed loli with the hammer.
>"The weak should die."
File: RexxarMishaTLSH[1].jpg (21.67 KB, 380x257)
21.67 KB
21.67 KB JPG
An Anime featuring Rexxar and his return to Blade's Edge Mountain
>without his parents permission
woah woah woah hold the fuck up
File: oh man.png (261.47 KB, 333x519)
261.47 KB
261.47 KB PNG
>MC has a normal life with his girlfriend
>one day she wants sex but he refuses after a shitty day
>NTRs him
>he walks in on it
>sees them fucking in his room, "Sou iu koto da?"
>kills the guy
>rapes his girlfriend painfully while pulling her hair and beating her
>throws her out of the house
>she's extremely sorry, stands outside saying I'm sorry for a long time like Rena in that one episode of Higurashi
>she tries calling him and texting him multiple times but he never responds
>she starts going crazy because all she wants is to be with her man again, starts stalking him daily
>becomes yandere
Thanks for spoiling it, asshole.
Is this supposed to sound almost exactly like Kill la Kill?
>if he's ever with his waifu, he'll never be with his waifu
I mean like, he has to remain with the first woman he kisses or fucks. If another one steals his first kiss then he's her's to keep.
File: 1352359903140.png (359.06 KB, 662x450)
359.06 KB
359.06 KB PNG
>NTRs him
>he walks in on it
>kills the guy
That's not what NTR means.
Isn't netorare just a fancy word for cheating?
File: 1388616129314.jpg (91.47 KB, 256x256)
91.47 KB
91.47 KB JPG
>MC is traveling down the country side to visit his family
>loses control of his car and rams into a tree
>regains consciousness a few days later
>when he wakes up, he is in a town full of lolis who are caged
>releases them from the cages
>all of them are dere-dere
>builds a gigantinc loli harem full of best girls
>revealed in episode 13 that the car crash fucked with his brain and he's perception is fucked
>lolis are actually chickens and he stumbled upon a chicken farm
>finds out all this when he is sent to jail for chicken fucking
>MC is a 14 year old kid that gets bullied all the time
>he drowns out to punk rock to ignore the wounds
>he can always hear his onee-chan having loud rough sex with a random guy everyday
>one day while walking to school with burnt toast in his mouth satan falls from the sky
>he gives MC the cloak of DARKNESS
>he turns invisible and goes around town raping every female from his school
>he murders the bullies
>he rapes his mom and impregnates her
>he cuts off the penis of the next guy his onee-chan brings home
>he rapes her to death
>satan snickers while in the closet "KEIKAKU DOORI"
>MC implodes do to high levels of libido
>becomes satans cute trap in hell and raped for eternity
And the name will be 'Chicken no Uta'
>at night, without his parents permission
Christ, kid. You could cut yourself on that edge.
The amount of rape in this thread is really an ordeal for my boner.
File: 724491-topic-ix-2.jpg (38.14 KB, 364x400)
38.14 KB
38.14 KB JPG
MC joins a delinquent gang in hopes of becoming a respected criminal some day. He thinks it will all go easy for him because of his "talents" and "smarts", but everything that could go wrong for him goes wrong, and he's left as a nobody in a world were nothing is more important than status and rank.

His main reason for staying where everyone treats him like shit becomes to win over a surprisingly beautiful girl who seems out of place among the delinquents. At first she seems understanding of his feelings, but the relationship becomes erratic when the MC senses she is hiding something from him.

That "something" was the fact that the girl he very much sought for was sleeping with a senior since before he joined the gang. Despair falls on the MC's soul.

The combined frustration of failing to become recognized in the gang, and failing to get the girl, plunge him in an existential crisis, which results in him deciding to murder her.

After the deed is done, MC confesses to the boss of the gang, expecting to be denounced to the police, but rather the boss invites him to have a "man to man" talk with him.

Boss manages to talk MC out of caring for society's opinions, and by extention, common morality.

Some time passes. The gang has shrunk considerably; the only members left are MC, boss, and MC's two friends (whom he doesn't really like). What follows is them planning out a concrete girl style kidnapping and rape of a girl the MC had fooled into making his girlfriend.

They get away with it
Toriniku no Uta
File: Kinda.png (61.32 KB, 675x709)
61.32 KB
61.32 KB PNG
>It's a show about girls kissing girls
>then one of them speaks with a boy, she only speaks with him friendly nothing too serious
>then you see people watching the above show from their greasy Monitors, they are in shock
>then the rest of the show is about living in an post-apocalyptic world where insane beasts that spawn from the deeps of basements and sewers brutally stalk and eviscerate girls in search of "pureness"
File: 1381350467303.png (1.04 MB, 699x966)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
http://www.twitch DOT tv/hazeedgemeister/profile/pastBroadcasts

Tsukihime miad routes?
>MC is brought back from the dead by Satan and is told that if he wants to be redeemed he has to kill Earth's most dangerous sinners.
>He is accompanied by a Yandere Nurse that fell in love with him when he woke up to his new life in the hospital.
>He has a long black sword and 2 revolvers. The Nurse has a cleaver and Surgeon's Kit to harvest blood in case MC needs it for wound treatment.
>His method of transportation is a Harley-Davidson in which the yandere rides on top of the handlebars.
It is supposed to sound exactly like Kill la Kill.
That's pretty good idea for a short story or one-shot manga.
Not suited for anime in any way, thoough.
The protag is jesus but the setting is a world where god and jesus switch places with satan and lucifer. A few changes and it can go from edgy drama to edgy sitcom
The story will be a mosaic of a group of childhood friends. It will be your typical group of moe highschool boys and girls, with each character having their own version of autism moe, such as being obsessed with sweets, stuffed animals, computers, etc. The first episode will be very SoL like, and will follow their adventures in a highschool club. Shenanigans occur. The characters will continuously be fleshed out such that the audience will find them very cute and loveable, but slowly as the series progresses, the characters get weirder and weirder. This is okay though, because the audience loves the characters so much. Near the end, it is revealed that they are not actually in a highschool club, and are not actually highschoolers, but actually in some sort of afterlife after they all group sudoku-ed in a mental hospital for young adults. Their highschool "club" actually resembles their group therapy meetings, and you realize that each character has a mental disorder, schizophrenia, multi-personality disorder, etc. The show ends with the introduction of one new character to the "club", and in a shaft head tilt scene, the main girl looks at the camera, and says, "He's here!"

OP will be a cheery Jpop song. ED will be a glitchy version of it.
MC is a serial killer because he had lost the will to live and thought that he might as well go killing people before killing himself and it turns out that killing people is actually pretty fucking fun so he goes on a killing spree and the anime is just an episodic series of how he finds people and kill them without getting caught because if he gets caught he won't be able to kill anymore (although there may be an episode where he gets caught and thrown into a jail cell but he'll kill his cellmates too but he won't be put into solitary confinement because then he would have nobody to kill) and lose the will to live.
>Genocide King Outsugu has slaughtered more people than he can remember, his coat dyed red and his sword stained black, leading an endless army of rampaging soldiers to conquer the world in a wave of blood. However, on his march, his army mistakenly releases a magic seal that contained a monster known as the Killer of Creation, Slaughterbeast, whose very presence mutates life in all forms into horrible corpse mutants. The only ones immune are those who have bathed in the blood of countless lives, grand murderers. Outsugu must now gather other grand murderers in an attempt to stop Slaughterbeast, even as the corpse mutants devour other people and animals, spewing them out as more corpse mutant, and Slaughterbeast has begun to mutate the very planet itself.
Kirin Aku has lived a cursed life. Orphaned at the tender age of four, he's spent the last 13 years under the tutelage of a demonic horde who are determined to use his special blood-line's powers to further their own aims. Hardened by years of abuse at the hands and talons of his monstrous guardians, Kirin has but one goal in his life: Revenge on those who murdered his parents and threw him into this horrible existence.

When the opportunity appears, he escapes his captors begins his hunt. It won't be easy, but with his power, Kirin swears to slay every poor bastard who stands in his way.
Posted this in a normal plot thread a while back, but I think it fits here too.

Edge of the World: Where Sorrow Ends

MC's narration at the begging of Ep. 1:
>“There's always someone with a harder life than you.”

>Somewhere out there, living among the most wretched of us all, is a solitary being who brings truth to this phrase – and somewhere out there, he is walking. Hardship calls to him like a siren song so that he may take the burdens of others and shoulder them himself. He will only rest once he has extinguished those lifetimes of pain at the Edge of the World.

>He has a face drawn and lined with weariness, and I wear it.

Takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where MC meets a different person/group of people each episode (think Casshern Sins). He is a middle-aged man, tall and gaunt in an over-large shredded cloak, with gray stubble and wild, dusty hair. While his past is never fully disclosed, it is hinted throughout that he experienced such a terrible trauma that he is the one person most suited for this task.

This man is on a journey from one end of the world to the other, gathering the burdens of all people along his journey to the fabled “Edge of the World.” There waits someone who will end his life, and with it, the suffering of all mankind. What he doesn't realize, as he leaves each settlement behind, is that each person he helped died shortly after and their souls were bound to him. At first, he accepts his duty and carries it out without fuss (he takes pleasure in being able to help others). But as his burden becomes heavier, he starts to question his task and motives: whether he's helping or hurting these people; if the savior will be waiting for him at the end of the world; if he should even bother following his quest to its conclusion. He achieves his objective at the end, with flashbacks to the people he helped and the pain he endured for them, before the world is reset and turned into a sort of Eden.
>The most heartless killers the world has ever seen banding together to kill an eldritch horror.
Hell yeah, and Slaughterbeast is so fun to say. Any idea who the other "grand murderers" would be? Based on real people?
I got chills. We need more psychological edgy.
not really.
It's mind-breaking the MC (most of the time) through a series of events on the other end that end up crushing his views and trust-bond with the other.
Well then I guess he mans up or something.
Nah, they would just be a group of nut jobs who have killed many many people, either directly, or indirectly
>Some weasely little fuck who poisoned the water supply of a massive city, killing practically the whole population
>A general who has never actually been on the front lines, but sent countless soldiers to their deaths, on purpose
>A doctor who has lead his entire career slowly killing every patient, and eventually went all out by contaminating the medicine of multiple hospitals with deadly deadly diseases, leading to many deaths
>A warlord to match Outsugu, who has slaughtered innumerable people on the battle field
>Female assassin who takes contracts not for money, but for the high of killing innocent and guilty people alike
>A guy who was responsible for building a dangerous weapon for war, he absolutely delights in the fact that his creation is so effective in death dealing
I dunno, thats just off the top of my head

Have one of the guys 'mistakenly' kill a lot of people, or somewhat unaware that he had killed tonnes of people qualifying him to kill the beast but still has a moral/innocent mind breaking down at the thought of being in the league of genociders, or make him bipolar aswell.
An engineer that builds flawed sky scrapers
This would be AOTY.
You should start a web-novel or something from it, anon. I would definitely wanna read this.
Maybe a cute girl? Not sure how she could, by mistake, be the culprit of enough deaths to cause her to be considered a grand murderer, unless I replace the doctor idea with her being a carrier for some nasty disease, but she travels around so much that shes never around long enough to see the people she met die and spread the disease even more. Maybe the disease became inert when Slaughterbeast's mutations took effect, and thats why she's not killing the other murderers without knowing.
>Orphans who grow up without parents
>They make a band mimicking Linkin Park
>MC is lead singer, but he is also a serial killer
>MCs best friend is a satanist, but he's a pussy when the MC tells him to kill people, so MC kills him
>MC's best friend turns out to be a demon and rapes MCs qt3.24 gf
>MC is contacted by another demon asking him if he wants revenge
>MC is like sure, fuck yeah, lets do this nigga.
>MC becomes demon
>MC feeds on his band members and they all become demons
>They go to America and kill LP
>They become famous rock stars
>MC best friend comes back with demon friends about to fuck shit up with music
>MC and now rival play metal against each other to see who plays better
>Everyone in a two mile radius listens to it and dies because it's too much rock.
>Blood everywhere
>MC loses because he accidentally killed his qt3.14 gf with his metal.
>MC rival takes initiative and kills the rest of the band members but MC
>As rival goes to kill MC with his axe, the demon who turned MC comes out and takes the axe for MC and says some inspirational shit
>Rival still proceeds to kill MC
Wait I got!

A cute girl who gets tricked by a scam artist to believe in a new religion/cult/ect and she goes out to spread the word. She is so charming and charismatic with her sermons that people are pulled into the cult by the thousands, and in turn they pull in more people, and without realizing it, she has a following that can't be counted. And because she doesn't follow what happens to her countless followers, she can't catch when her words are twisted and corrupted, until followers are killing themselves and other people in her name/word. What she thinks is her followers moving on to better lives is in truth all of them dying by their own hands, and by her word.

Imagine her reaction to discovering that.
Or her disease has something to do with slaughterbeast.
Or maybe, if you want a cute girl here, maybe she's kinda of a daughter of some elder in the nomad tribe. Her father died, she overtook the authority and her governance lead to death of the whole tribe or something. Like, she guided the tribe on cursed lands where Slaughterbeast already turned everyone into mutants. She lost everyone she loved because of her own mistake and now she's mindbroken.
Fund it
Urobutcher kills off all the characters.
Wouldn't she have bee affected by the mutation too when they went to the wastelands? I like >>100095058 more, it has the "religion sucks" edginess feel.
The cute girl is personification of slaughterbeast
Yeah, didn't think about this. I also liked the сде thing more, it's just I wrote mine before cult idea was posted, so I didn't see it.
Not to mention it haves a cute girl being mindbroken when she lead to countless people to die and is now ranked among these monsters stained in blood.
Yeah, didn't think about this. I also liked the cult thing more, it's just I wrote mine before cult idea was posted, so I didn't see it.
I-I'm not much of a writer, I-I just thought it up on the fly, b-but I'll think about it, Anon-kun.
File: 1338432621795.jpg (26.48 KB, 319x291)
26.48 KB
26.48 KB JPG
>A seemingly SOL (that's the secret to edge)
>It's about a guy who lives alone with his cute imouto. They love each other and their life is just wonderful.
>Then the imouto gets raped, just ravagely destroyed that the MC has to her to the hospital.
>This takes a toll on the MC's mental state as he vows to get revenge on the monster who attacked his sister.
>However he was the rapist and deep inside he's torn up over what he did and is in denial.
>To keep up his self-illusion he proceeds to go out all night and become a serial rapist.
>While at the same time trying to hunt this rapist he made up in his mind.
>However what will he do when he finds out there's an actual serial rapist who's too eerily identical, maybe he does exist.
>Find out next time on edge ball Z.
File: kogarasumaru.jpg (608.18 KB, 1740x1263)
608.18 KB
608.18 KB JPG
make her Yandere
better yet
her father wasnt actually killed, but is the slaughterbeast
like final fantasy X all over again
File: 1389145970431.jpg (69.73 KB, 640x530)
69.73 KB
69.73 KB JPG
>MC in jail since child for parents crime
>girl across from his cell is in same situation
>5 year love story of them never being able to do anything with each other.
i dont know where to go from here
>guy and girl in same jail
well for starters that's a lot of disbelief to suspend unless the MC is gay.

Also it's not edgy.
ehhhh I think it would be alot better if they still had some of there humanity left and didn't take delight in the killings, or maybe they do now but that's because it broke them/have them break and try and kill each other whilst trying to stop the Slaughterbeast otherwise it would make more sense for the fuckers to just join up with it
I think it should start with jailbreak. They escape and then wander through a dystopian world trying to find... something... idk, lol.
YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO FILL IN THE EDGE! would it be edgy if the guy got tortured every night and the girl got raped and they had to watch every night for those 5 years. and they were in cells across from each other.
File: 1384245153054.png (8.22 KB, 115x151)
8.22 KB
8.22 KB PNG
i like dis
Except the Slaughterbeast is going to kill everything, them included, and kill the planet. They delight in killing, death, fighting, violence, but none of them want to just end the world, or see it ended, otherwise the fun is all gone. It would be a very very fragile team up, and most likely there would be no end to the inner fighting
The edge would have to come from how much of a dystopia it is then, as his initial post had no edge at all. idk maybe they view females as no more than breeding stalls and keep them locked up or some shit?
Five years ago, a war was fought between man and monster. The war lasted a year with humans emerging victorious, taking over the lands of the monster leaders who had attacked.

On the fifth anniversary of the war's end, humanity has opened the first mixed academy for monsters and humans. Attendance for monsters is mandatory whilst for humans it is optional.

Whilst acting as a normal academy in it's curriculum, it also has the purpose to teach monsters to live amongst humans as members of their society. Despite the initiative, very few humans actually signed on for the first year – most of the new students being monsters.

The MC is one of the few that did decide to join. During the war, the MC was a child hero and fought alongside the human armies. He attends the academy out of desire to overcome his animosity towards monsters.

Hilarity ensues with a smidgen of edginess and drama.
This was the plot of Kohaku's route in Tsukihime, with murder instead of rape.
Actually, it had rape too.
>Write an edgy anime thread
>Write a comedy about humans and monsters with a smidgen of edginess
Anon, you missed the point
Shit I knew I'm unoriginal.
her getting raped with him watching and him getting tortured with her watching every night. That would be some good animation.
ehh this I could role with, I was just thinking there could be more psychological edge that way. which granted seems to be what alot of people like.

I personally just want to see them fighting amongst themselves
File: 1388285113892.jpg (70.86 KB, 229x293)
70.86 KB
70.86 KB JPG
>Anime about a group of gay guys who are either rapists, abusive assholes, massive fruitbowls, or sex crazed monsters and a man hating bulldyke fujoshit
inb4 thats what gay people are actually like
people die along the way etc
turns out sub character girl is slaughterbeast (or part of it, more than one brain? hivemind?) and was the reason they were always getting attacked
I think, the world were children can be inprisoned from birth to death for crimes of their parents is already dystopian enough.
>post-apocalyptia adventure mecha anime a-la Xabungle
>it's about a group of teenagers and children trying to survive in crapsack world filled with gigantic monsters and bandits
>MC and co stumbles upon a mech with a neural interface
>mech comes equipped with a yandere AI (voiced by Mizuki Nana) who kills anyone who tries to pilot the mech aside from the MC, who he considers him to be her husband
>super fun and wacky adventures around the wastland.mkv
> fun ends when token children got killed rape optional by drug-fueled raiders
>MC goes berserk, kicks in power-up system in mech that gradually drives the MC to insanity
several episodes(and an obligatory UMI-DAA! short) later
>hey this might not be so bad aftera-
>MC and co vs. MEchaZombified not Japanese Empire
>several of MC friends get captured. unit 731 re-enactment optional.Rape encouraged.
>MC escaped, but not with all of his friends
>one of them get frankensteined and brainwashed to fight against MC and co
>yandere AI antics+RRRRAAAGEE continued to push the MC over THE EDGE
>Jikai! Combatto Robo Edgetron X(name pending)
>not both of them getting raped and watch each other getting raped
>not both of them getting tortured and watch each other getting tortured
>not making them go dead in the eyes and still love each other despite their broken bodies and humanity
>not making a 6 months time skip where they have planned to kill their torturers while they get raped
>not making a gruesome episode where there are no soundtrack just sounds of blood splashing and bones cracking with both MC and FeMC killing their tortures with dead eyes
>not ending the series with both of them fucking at the rooftop then ending it with both of them committing suicide

Reminds me of the thread about an anime idea. An adult male is convicted for pedophilia. Due to a clerical error, he is sent to a juvie detention center for young girls (as young as you can get without looking stupid). The Japanese police are too embarrassed to admit this shamfur dispray so they keep him there. SoL hijinks ensue.

On the flipside, a young girl who was supposed to go to juvie ends up in a supermax. A dark a brutal story of her rise to gang leader ensues.
>MC is an bright cheery kid who's secretly an antisocial loner who hates society
>ends up killing people who bully her and brutally beats her own parents after she gets tired of being lectured by them
>While on the wrong from the police, she screams about how she needs more power
> suddenly she hears a voice saying "Is that what you wish?"
>Voice is coming from gothic lolita!Satan
>Loli!Satan says that if she makes a contract with her, she will grant her the power she desires
>MC makes contract and becomes a longcoat-wearing, biker-riding magical girl with darkness-based powers.
>Brutally kills the cops that were pursuing her. Even eating some of them
>Main colour is black/red.
>Has a BRS-style red flame shooting out her right eye.
>Main weapon is a giant blood red chainsaw sword
>Other powers include turning her hands into big black/red claws and a giant gun, sucking the souls of her enemies and draining their life. Burning shit alive with hellfire, etc.
>Also enters a state of berserk fury when under incredible stress. In this state she brutally RIPS AND TEARS her enemies apart, Brutal Doom-style.
>Main enemies are Demons from Hell. Though Angels are also occasionally fought.
>After gaining her powers, MC becomes a full on antisocial brooding loner who stays away from people so she doesn't endanger the few people who she cares about.
>Main enemies are Demons from Hell, though Angels are also occasionally fought.
>MC flashes out a slasher smile whenever she's enjoying a fight. And occasionally trash-talks oldDante-style
>Gets off on fighting and killing
>Most episodes consist of MC traveling the earth, fighting angels demons and playing vigilante, while occasionally performing acts of heroism to prove that "SHE TOTALLY ISN'T A BAD PERSON GUIZ!"
>Every other girl she meets wants to get inside her panties
>Loli!Satan is tsundere for her
>Main rival is typical "For GREAT JUSTICE" MG with white/blue colour scheme and light-based powers.
File: 1387457737881.png (66.41 KB, 209x211)
66.41 KB
66.41 KB PNG
>implying what hitler did was edgy at all
Well it wouldn't be a very fair fight, seeing as how half the group are schemer types who poison, disease or order other people to fight, and the other half are trained killers or warlords who have killed a lot of people
File: 1388817576866.jpg (9.25 KB, 200x251)
9.25 KB
9.25 KB JPG
Tou filled in all the edgy blanks perfectly. Thank you.
File: I am the shig of my dig.png (181.66 KB, 448x376)
181.66 KB
181.66 KB PNG
>25 results
File: 20080055.jpg (1.14 MB, 2480x3507)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
>MC is a NEET, been betrayed by friends and cheated on by girlfriends
>Parents cut him off after 8 years
>Goes to an abandoned building and jumps off
>He hits the ground suffering fatal injuries
>She saves him and makes him her slave
>Now immortal
>Wacky slice-of-life hijinks of a cocky loli vampire and her servant who keeps on attempting to kill himself
File: 1383185627048.jpg (16.62 KB, 640x480)
16.62 KB
16.62 KB JPG
sound pretty cool man

>SoL anime about a cute hitler doing cute fuhrer things
W-Will you be my manga partner...?
>Not ending the series with them both at the gallows, or in electric chairs, holding hands as they are executed for killing their guards
yeah but that makes it more of a brains vs. brawn situation. I mean just cause one of the main generals looks like guts from berserk doesn't mean he cant be dumb as bricks and get outwitted.
daaaaaaaaaaaang 10/10 edge
Yeah but then you have the issue of the brawn guy is fighting someone who uses poisons, or diseases, or specialized in leading soldiers and not fighting himself. So either the fight would end really messily for one side, or there would have to be something keeping them from not just killing each other, cause their methods of fighting would lead to death, not just injury, or getting tired, you're either killed by hand, by poison or disease

>Main bosses are various Demon Lords
>Final boss is the Demon Lord of the Wrath Circle of Hell. MC defeats her
>Satan congratulates her, and dubs MC as the new Demon Lord of Wrath, with her now ruling over that circle of hell.
>Anime ends with the MC still walking the earth, in search of more worthy opponents.
>She comes across her rival.
>Rival says that they still haven't settled their score, and offers to duel her.
>MC accepts challenge.
>Swords clash, both combatants faces have bloodthirsty looks on their faces

>The End

Misc. info:
>OST will primarily be Metal, even using some songs from various metal bands.
>Will have enough blood and over-the-top ultraviolence to make Brutal Doom and MadWorld blush
>ED will be a song by Black Sabbath
>I'm fine
This shit is exactly why girls suck.
>end really messily for one side
I want to see it.

Also this is an edge thread who says they succeed in killing the abomination?
>evangelion spinoff
>every character is Kawaru
>MC is a doting onii-chan who looks after his imouto since their father died and their mother is a bipolar alcoholic who is hardly ever around.
>MC makes sure his imouto gets good grades, hangs out with a good crowd etc.
>One day MC and imouto run into a group of delinquents and it comes up that in the past the imouto has rejected their advances so they tell them that MC gets to choose which one of them gets their asses kicked. MC being the good onii-chan chooses to fight them but while one of them holds the imouto back the other two beat the MC mercilessly with baseball bats (no music for this scene just the bats cracking against MC's back.)
>At the end they walk of laughing and imouto phones an ambulance.
>MC is in the hospital and they discover that MC has had his back broken and is paralyzed leaving him unable to walk.
>MC is bedridden for the rest of his life and shortly after he returns home his mother jumps off the building after filing a life insurance policy and clutching a note telling her family to use the money for MC's medical bills.
>MC watches as his sister starts to hang with the wrong crowd,gets caught up with drugs and stops getting good grades.
>Imouto ends up going dead eyed as the delinquents from earlier followed her home and raped her over the MC's bed. while he is unable to do anything but yell at them.
>high school SoL for a couple episodes
>Israel nukes Mecca and blames it on Japan
>Pakistan nukes Tokyo
>5 highschool girls survive
>the britbong transfer student among them reveals herself as an MI6 agent
>recruits the rest to discover evidence of the truth
>rest of the anime is operators operating
A slice of life about 2 immortals. It starts from trash talking escalating into deepest grudge. They try their best to inflict as much suffering to their nemesis as they can think of. Cutting down, torturing, raping, killing their nemesis' familiy, friends, acquaintances, pets. Destroying their source of entertainment. The rest is left for imagination. However, they can't die because of their immortality. Every time each of them die, a human will die taking their place.
The final battles leading up to the confrontation with the Slaughterbeast leads to the death of each of the grand murders, in rather gruesome fashions while taking out either masses of corpse mutants, or maybe the Slaughterbeasts 'corpse generals'
>Poison guy goes out by setting off a handmade gas bomb that wipes out a whole army of the corpse mutants, but he has no hope of living as he's being ripped apart when it goes off
>Doctor takes out a corpse general when it turns out he's dumped all his diseases into his own body, so when the general eats him alive, it quickly dies
>Assassin woman goes out fighting two generals, and dies from being disemboweled but not before taking the generals out
>Weapon maker goes out fighting with a brand new weapon, laughing like a nut as he's swamped
>General lures the Slaughterbeast and it's last generals, along with lots of corpse mutants with a plan, and goes out by rigging a whole military base to blow, chunking the army of mutants, taking out the last generals, and blowing the Slaughterbeasts leg off
>Rival warlord and Outsugu go out fighting Slaughterbeast 2v1. ripping the things heart out and splitting it in half

All thats left is the young girl, in a world half dead and half crazed from the trauma of the Slaughterbeast. Having lost all meaniing in her life, starved from days without any help, and all alone in the warfield she eats chunks of the Slaughterbeast's heart. Pretty sure you can assume what this will lead to. Nothing edgier than ending on a shitty note
>keeps on attempting to kill himself
This could be a comedic routine. He always try to kill himself but ending up getting revive. Well, because he is a vampire.
>Endless rape

But you're fucking wrong.
>Take an Inio Asano story
>Use that Jack and Sally song from forever ago as the OP
>Have Linkin Park with Amy Lee do the OST.
Well it didn't
>crushing his views and trust-bond with the other.
Nah most of the time he just starts to get off on his wife cheating on him, then they call him pathetic and he gets off to that too.
>MC is the 2nd in command of the Time Travel Police Unit
>They have to stop well-meaning time travellers from fucking up the future
>His unit is dedicated to protecting Hitler, with the justification that if he died the Nazis would win
>Turns out that all of the foiled assassination attempts were by time travellers and were stopped by this unit
>Also this unit is called the 'Devil's Advocate' or something similarly obvious
>Also they have to wear SS uniforms just because
>Half the team are Aryan goddesses, others are Japanese but nobody notices

>Later in the series it is discovered that the time assassins are all sent by future quasi-messiah Sephiroth Hitler from the alternate timeline where they win because Hitler dies but is later revived
>He is the big bad and they must battle him in space because Nazis in space
>About half of every episode is sophmorish waxing on the nature of morality even though the show pushes its agenda really fucking hard

>Also MC is Hitler's son or something because I'm running out of ideas
>MC's mother gets caught up in a cult after father leaves
>Slowly strips MC of possessions because she thinks they are demonic, and MC ends up naked
>One day a voice tells MC's mom to sacrifice her son
>MC's mom bursts into room and tries to kill him
>MC opens hidden trap door in room and hops down
>The Basement, Floor 1.
Sasuga anon. You can still turn this into a shonen by turning this into a backstory for World 2's MC and having world 3's MC follow through with finding the killer
>Due to various circumstances MC must go back in time and dodge various paradoxes to pull a Zero and become Hitler to stop the Nazis winning
season 1 when?
Continuing out of pure boredom

>MC offed his brainwashed friend goes berserk again in mech
>FULLON DESTRUCTION of zombiemecha not!Japanese Empire
>MC+mech keeps on wrecking shit out of UNCONTROLLABLE RAAAAAGE
>MC's love interest(damaged goods by now) tried to get MC back to his senses , got sliced in half by forearm mounted circular saw in the process
>MC snaps out of it, tries to wreck the mech from the inside
>Yandere AI gained full control of the mech, grabs and throws MC out of the cockpit
>"why don't you love, MC?"moment
>MC lost again (he's already 3/4 way to cookoo land at this point).
>AI decides to kill MC to have him forever
>Final Episode: MC vs Ultimate Lover Combat Robo Edgetron X(name pending)
>MC wrecks Mecha, dies shortly afterwards from grave injuries.

Several years later
>a different group of travelers came across the wreckage of mech
>one of them turns on the main control panel within the busted cockpit
>new husband GET
Season 1 starts after Boku No Pico Season 2 gets done airing.
>binding of isaac
can't wait for the animations of the "womb" level's
MC is fapping to guro hentai with sand paper on his dick and a hamster skeleton up the butt. Suddenly satan appears and before anything happens MC's bloody semen shoots into satan's eyes and somehow he dies. MC proceeds to fuck satans corpse in his filthy infested ass-pussy while grabbing his horns. Horns break off as MC comes again.

Next day, MC takes the horns to his 2nd year Middle school class. He puts one of the horns in his crush's bag who he knows masturbates in the girls washroom with a dildo from her bag every lunch break. He also sneaks a bit of super-potent aphrodisiac in her bento. He patiently waits around ten minutes after crush-chan goes to the washroom, because edgy guys don't look at their plans in action.

At the toilet stall, he finds crush-chan with a tattered, bloody ...asshole, covered in her own love juices and with a face of ecstasy, twitching. He proceeds to fuck the asshole and simultaneously shoving the other horn in the pussy while using his other hand to stab crush-chan's nipples with his handy-dandy box-cutter. In a few minutes she comes to still ecstastic.
- he~? MC-kun wut r u-
MC is surprised for an instant then stabs her in the throat.After the rape + necrophiliac rape was over with, MC soaked the Horn she masturbated with in her blood and a bit of his fresh blood as a sort of tribute.

MC is found out in a few days after this incident, so he escapes with only the horns and his skele-hamsterEX (renamed) pet.
He hides himself in a conveniently located cave and blocked the entrance with a big rock. He stays there for two days and when he tries to go out the rock is too heavy as he is weak now. No help arrives no matter how much he calls.

MC will kill himself. He would stab himself with the horn that was not soaked in blood. He accidentally bites it, a liquid oozes out, drops to his mouth. At that instant he spontaneously combusts and turns into satan. He can't find the other horn and skele-hamsterEX anymore.
They didn't burn because there'd be ashes. MCsatan searches for them until entropy takes care of everything. Then he barges into heaven to ask god about it. God says no. So he takes all the angels and kills them by tearing off their wings, shoving them up any hole they would possess and setting hellfire to that. He then reincarnated them into greedy, horny, jealous, lazy, bitchy, fat and proud devil-women who proceeded to fuck god in all divinely possible ways.

Whiled wasted in an impossible amount of ways, god told satan about the time-space continuum and how his possessions might be in a certain time frame. MCsatan travels for a few eternities and finds his hamster in time-line 666 alpha in a cage in a house. And it was alive. It says,"Hey there MC-kun, long time no see."

After a while god got sober, had a hangover and punished satanMC.
-Satan shall not be edgy, he proclaims
And satan was henceforth not edgy.

MCsatan felt a change upon him.
-So long story short, wierd stuff happened when you changed and me, crush-chan got reincarnated as this hamster. And believe it or not my owner--
MCsatan stopped being edgy. This caused the abrupt cry of anger. And in the next moment, hellfire reduces the hamster to bones and he throws it. It makes a squishy sound.

A raging MCsatan, unable to feel his primary pleasure frantically tries to do something in the confusion. KILLkillKiLLkiLLKILLKILLKILLkillkIllkIlllaKILLLkILL. He notices a boy behind him. KILLKILLK-I-L-L. he appears in front of the boy. The boy was apparently fapping to guro hentai with sand paper on his dick and a hamster skeleton up the butt. (fin)
Do what?
dude ahhh...

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