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Dragon Ball thread.

I know /a/ doesn't like this show that much, but you all at least know what's what about it.

How do I start watching this?

I have everything downloaded on a separate drive:
>Eps 1-291 Funimation Dub
>Eps 1-51 Ocean Dub
>Movies 1080p Blu-ray Rips (including bardock and trunks)
>3 Ocean Movies
>Dragon Ball 1-153 + 4 Movies
>Dragon Ball GT + Movie
>Dragon Ball Kai

Should I start with DB or DBZ, and is Kai really that bad?

What Season/Sagas are bad?

Talk amongst yourselves

inb4 shounen shit
Ocean eps 1-53*
>Should I start with DB or DBZ, and is Kai really that bad?

Do you even know what Kai is?
yeah i know what it is and i have gotten mixed reactions about it from internet people
Well genius, why don't you fucking watch it it in release order like any sane person?

Why the fuck did you even make this thread?
Just start it about Dragonball in general as opposed to your unecessary blogshit about how much hdd space you've wasted

Just go fucking watch the series yourself, and wiki or google it if you want to know more.
Don't watch the anime.
Read the Dragon Ball manga from the beginning.
The anime is horribly paced while the manga is incredibly paced. The majority of the series also has high quality scanlations now as well.
I think you're thinking of GT, not Kai.
Kai is just the second Dragon Ball anime but without the filler.

I'd recommend reading the manga though, the anime is pretty bad.
>How do I start watching this?
Production order.

>Kai really that bad?
Dragonball Z is really long because it was massively successful and the publisher of the manga made Toriyama stay on far longer than he wanted to. Furthermore, the anime aired at the same time as the manga so it dawdled for the manga to be written, dragging it out further.

Kai was an opportunity revitalize (read: "cash-in" DBZ for the anniversary. It was to redo the series for a new generation (while toning down violence) by surgically removing a lot of the filler.
Which it did remove.
...with an axe.
Who the fuck watches Ocean?

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