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>I only played solo because everyone else was bad

Fuck no, kirito was an asshole to 99% of people from day 1 and he hides that by saying he's fine alone

fuck this anime
fuck funimation
fuck all those illegal streaming sites
fuck cartoon network
fuck roblox for banning me for no reason
fuck the people that upped the price of fredos
and fuck anime in general, it's all shit
I'll still watch SAO2 though, the idea of a female kirito gets me going

I enjoyed it a lot.
You missed the point of that scene.
He wasn't an asshole because he was arrogant. He was an asshole in that scene, so that he could protect beta testers as a whole, and instead aim the hate at only select players, who played unfairly.
This also made it hard to play with any parties, because for some time no one really trusted him, or any "Beaters" either. (Though, he was kinda offered a spot in one of two clearing guilds on the third floor, but he refused, because fuck Kibaou..)
Of course, this would have been more evident if they didn't cut Argo out of Episode 2...

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