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So, what's the deal with this? Why couldn't that woman return to the future along with Aoba? Did she die? If so, for what reason? Doesn't make any sense.
I figured another version of her was already in the future but has yet to go to the past and the world was like "NO PARADOXES BITCH" and made her stay in the past.
>but has yet to go to the past
But didn't she come from the future? She said the enemy came from the same future as her, so the singularity/portal thingy should send them back to her original time from where she came.
But, there was evidence that they weren't going back to the same time she left from, ie he traveled into the future to a time before she traveled into the past, thus creating paradox if she met herself there.

Also, they had to do away with the vagina to keep the focus squarely on the gay, gay, gay male/male parings the series looks to be focused on.
>there was evidence that they weren't going back to the same time she left from
What evidence is that? I didn't notice.
Shouldn't the portal send them back to where the enemy came from?
Different portals, different times.
But how would it be a different portal? The portal opened when the new guy came, and they got back through it as it was closing in.
Because its goddamn Sunrise.
Even Valvrave didn't have this kind of hole from the get go.
It's one fucking episode in. You only get to complain about plot holes after the show has finished.

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