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mai waifu
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Is the hinagiku ep out yet ?
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RAW, yes. Subbed, no.

I hope SS-Eclipse wouldn't be doing 'LOL, we'll make ourselves 4 episodes behind again, and then make a super speed rapid release in a week'.

Well, that's kinda good in a way that we can marathon all of them at once, but a prefer a timely release over that.

Anyway, it's still better than being dropped.
It would be pretty awesome to release the subs today, since it's her birthday and all.
Fuck yes, I've been looking for this, thanks.
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"I'm sorry, Hinagiku-san!"

"Wait, I'm not done ye-"

Hinagiku never got to finish her sentence, as she was practically thrown onto the dojo floor, her uniform barely having left her grasp. Hayate felt horrible about doing this, but seeing her just in her bike shorts and black and white stockings was just too much for him.

Holding her down by her shoulders, Hayate stared somewhat apologetically into her amber eyes before he sat up. Still in his full butler getup, he unzipped his pants, revealing his raging erection sticking out through the boxer hole. In contrast, his eyes looked down at her gently, almost as if pleading for her forgiveness and approval.

"Fine... It's okay, do what you want, Hayate-kun," Hinagiku said, avoiding his eyes out of embarrassment.

Hayate grabbed onto her knees, spreading them apart. The black spandex still hid her most precious parts, but he could still see the outline of her labia, thanks to the special made-for-anime bike shorts. He could also see a slightly blacker spot right in the middle, a spot that sparkled a bit with moisture.
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Eagerly, Hayate dug his face into that spot and took a deep breath. As if this caused a switch to suddenly flip inside his head, he licked and nibbled at her through the black spandex wildly, letting her scent and taste overwhelm his senses.

By the time he finally pulled his face out, he was completely out of breath, and he could see that Hinagiku was as well. His face was moist, and he was still assaulted with her aroma with each breath he took. Unable to wait any longer, he placed his dick between Hinagiku's thighs and rubbed it against the wet, black cloth where his face had just been.

The flexible cloth of the bike shorts bent and stretched as he rubbed back and forth. Hayate felt her labia spread open under the spandex, trying to accept his cock as much as possible despite the impenetrable barrier. The friction caused by rubbing against smooth surface of her bike shorts gave them both a strange but pleasant sensation.

"Mmm... Hayate-kun," Hinagiku let out involuntarily. Her face held a contented smile.

However, Hayate was not content with just this. While the warm roughness he felt on the underside was pleasant, it wasn't nearly enough. Grabbing Hinagiku's knees again, he brought them together in front of his chest, wrapping her thighs around his cock that was still sliding back and forth over her covered genitals.
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Not only did this cause her to squeeze down on him, increasing his pleasure immensely, it also brought her feet up near his shoulders. Seeing those black and white striped socks go all the way up past her knees to that small sliver of skin just before her bike shorts, Hayate couldn't help but become even more excited. Letting her squeeze her legs together on her own accord, he reached out for one of her slender feet and smelled it, rubbing his nose and cheeks against the soft soles and curled up toes. He heard Hinagiku's soft giggles as the feeling of his face on her feet gave her a slightly ticklish sensation.

"Hi-Hinagiku-san!" Hayate cried out, starting to lose control. He grabbed onto her knees again, this time hooking his elbows around them and embracing her upper legs tightly to himself and sending Hinagiku's feet up into the air above his head. Having lost all thought, Hayate pumped in and out of the tight space created by her thighs as hard as he could. Her small, almost flat, chest jiggled back and forth as his hips constantly slammed into her slender body.

There was no way either could hold on for long. The black spandex between Hinagiku's legs were now fully saturated with their fluids now, providing a rougher surface and thus greater friction for both of them. Screaming each other's names, they came together, Hayate finishing off with one last deepest thrust as his cum shot forth and splattered against her face, neck, breasts, and stomach.
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Same person sense

its called an image dump, faggot
File: 1204595994931.gif (30 KB, 160x90)
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what ep is this?
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My keyboard is sticky.
And here's to Hina, the minor character who is the closest to Hayate's cock.

Oh and yeah, today is also Hina's birthday, that too.
Nice spats.

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