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If I liked pic related, what else would I enjoy?

Specifically, I liked the parable structure of each chapter with an over-arching narrative. Already read Kino's Journey, Mushishi, etc.
Buddha. YKK maybe. I can think of a lot more which don't really have so much of an over-arching narrative though.

What ones don't have an over-arching story?
File: SamuraiJack-lonewolf.jpg (15.91 KB, 320x240)
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Samurai Jack is literally the best samurai animation of all time and objectively flawless in terms of storytelling and animation
Thought of a few more examples. City of Light, Before Dawn and the End of the World and What a Wonderful World. Black Jack. Nasu. Franken Fran. Bradherley no Basha.

There are lots of oneshot collections and episodic manga. Tatsumi's Pushman, Goodbye and Abandon the Old. Akai Yuki. Tezuka's The Crater and Kuuki no Soko.

Then there's some straight horror manga like Left Hand of God Right Hand of the Devil. Junji Ito counts I guess. Voices in the Dark, Tomie and well I suppose his Cat Diary. I would say they're a lot less about being thoughtful though.

Cool, thanks a lot anon.

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