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Do you guys think we could have an Eve no Jikan thread, I just watched the movie last night. I really like the setting and most of the issues it presented and dealt with. I also liked most of the characters. I think my biggest problems with it was that it seemed like it was just not designed to be a movie. Everything seemed separated in their own weird way and you could tell where they just stitched together the episodes. It also does not help that they decided to render every camera movement at 5 fps.

Still I enjoyed it overall and besides those minor issues and the ending being a bit lackluster, I am glad I watched.
Well that is not the image I uploaded.
>Takes up a fifth of my screen
Thanks moot.
I only watched the ONA and subsequently get flak from some people for not watching the movie. There are scenes unique to each apparently. But I don't think I've heard this criticism of the movie before.

Yea I was about to say, I don't remember U.S paramilitary being involved.
Somewhere on /k the discussion just turned weird...

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