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Can we have a thread about series you only barely remember?

Case in point: I watched all 4 episodes back in 2003, when I was in a college anime club. I remember the OP was okay, by anime standards, and that the ED had a ukelele, since that was a plot point hobby of the love interest girl.

But that's literally all I can tell you about it. No character names. No plot. No scenes. Was it a romantic drama or comedy? couldn't even say.

I'm not asking about shows we loved that no one else seems to remember. or shows we hated. I want to hear about shows so average they barely made an impression. Shows that with time might be completely forgotten, save only for arbitrary digital perpetuity.
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another example. I remember elements of it. Character names, some setting info. I vaguely remember magic floating islands, arena combat being more important than actual armies, and speeches explicitly being connected to superpowers.

But fuck if I could tell you the actual plot.

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