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Post a page from a 4-koma RAW and you might get a slow amateur translation like:
Will gladly accept any feedback on quality of accuracy, coherence, and etc.
File: 1374375531639.png (397.68 KB, 1330x2000)
397.68 KB
397.68 KB PNG
>Kuzehashi-sensei, your skirt is wrinkled a little there...
*SFX* Hah- *SFX*
>I'm sorry
>Thank you very much
>Your suit always makes you so cool~
>That's because a classroom teacher must not be a bad role model for their students!
*Head Text* Rules! *Head Text*
*Below Text* Untidy apparel is somewhat... *Below Text*
>Is that so
>Is that so...
*SFX* Susu... *SFX*
*Below Text* A jersey is somewhat isn't it *Below Text*
*SFX* Ah- *SFX*
>Karasuma-sensei, you look fine the way you are!

*SFX* Ano- *SFX*
>Do you have any advice for getting students to like you?
*SFX* Eh? *SFX*
>Hmmm, do you have something that you're good at?
>There's sewing...
>You made this handkerchief?!
*Text* Amazing, Embroidery!! *Text*
>Also clothes and stuffed animals
>What, you've also made those too?!
>Bunny Ears!!
>If you you put those on you'll be popular with the class.
>It'll be cute
*Text* Come on, let's do it *Text*
>No way
>Such a thing like that doesn't suit me!
File: 1389410514798.jpg (664.03 KB, 1087x1600)
664.03 KB
664.03 KB JPG
>Summer in Japan means a Strawberry Milk flavored snowcone right~?
>Is it delicious Alice?
>I'm glad that you enjoy it! Please eat as much as you'd like
*SFX* Shaso shaso shaso シャソシャソシャソ *SFX*
*SFX* Paku Paku ぱくぱくっ*SFX*
>Thanks Shino
>Here here, have some more!
*SFX* Kiiiiiiin *SFX*
>There's still plenty of ice left!!
>Shino...my head... my head hurts...
*SFX* Shaso shaso shaso shaso シャソシャソシャソシャソ *SFX*
>A new form of torture...?
Left side of page: Sometimes good will turns bad*

*Translates more literally: "Sometimes good will/faith is like/becomes a blade."
File: 1380187991747.jpg (1.08 MB, 1349x2000)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
>Returned back home to the UK for summer break
>Going shopping with Karen yesterday was fun~
*SFX* Za- *SFX*
>I came to see you Alice
>Shino... I'm so glad!
>Alice... I'm also tired of pretending to be Shino
*SFX* Fuu... *SFX*
Wig ↗
>Please Karen, just act one more time.

Pretty much what I've done. I'll be monitoring the thread if anyone posts a page they want translated.

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