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File: Shidou_pv.png (255.81 KB, 650x400)
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What is is with japan and fucking autistic male characters?

Even the most beta fags I know are nothing like the shitty self-insert MCs.
What retard actually apologizes over and over for being tripped by a slut when he clearly isn't the one to blame?
And the fucking worst is when the bitch[es] salivate all over them asking for the d then
>"I don't want to do anything weird!1Q!".
For all the bitching the fags do about being virgins you'd think they'd just go ahead and fucking bang the slut.
And why the fuck are these shits so damn common, you think even nips would get bored of the same shit over and over.
the same reason american tv is all shit drama

it sells
I never tire of someone discovering cliches after watching 10 anime and coming to rant on /a/.
It sounds like you should stop watching harems.
Don't watch harems, that's it.

Now, get out.
Stop watching shit anime you colossal fucking retard.

Stop that shit. Just fucking stop. Do you have brain problems?
>inb4 hurr hurr I've seem 10 anime series so this equates to having seem them all
Where you expecting quality writing in a harem?
Funny how Shidou isn't a conventional harem MC

Now since you've probably watched less than 20 shows, you can fuck off


>he's ranting so he must be a newphag LOL XDDD so edgy m8

Go back to watching your shitty insert generic moe SOL that's AOTS here faggots.
The pic isn't what irked me, was just a relevant one I had
>What retard actually apologizes over and over for being tripped by a slut when he clearly isn't the one to blame?

I'm gonna take a guess and say that he said "sumimasen" which means "excuse me" but is often translated as "i'm sorry" due to it's stronger apologetic tones. Just think he said "excuse me" and it's not a big deal.
I knew this all coming from newfags.
File: 1268252176292.jpg (30.30 KB, 640x480)
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30.30 KB JPG

>a rant that has no trace of intelligent thought and reeks of public education

You cannot expect a harem anime to be the product of a literary genius. To do so is foolish; To complain about it criminal.

Fair enough but why are there so many of them? What's the appeal?

I feel like there are lots of interesting plot ideas are ruined by
>"i just want a gf waaah feel sorry for me"
>insert generic set of girls liking MC for no apparent reason
and devolving into mindless haremshit
Originality? Fuck no, let's show the same thing over and over again. It even sells, so why bother?
Sasuga nihonjin
American movies do the same exact thing. That's why the best script writers are getting the fuck out of hollywood and they prefer to work for good series.
Now that you're saying this, I can't even remember the last time I saw a good movie. I guess the world is fucked. Are there good authors still alive?
Go watch american and british series. It's the golden era right now, and there are really good ones. But this is not /tv/ so I'll stop talking about that.
Because people buy it.
Because the writer is just as much of a loser as you are.
Because you can't put porn into cartoons on television in Japan.
Because people enjoy it.
Because some people find that funny.
Because that's how harem works: and to have the MC "pick" a girl ruins the illusion that he's actually "with" all of them.
Because making a believable/realistic romance is tough to write, and it's much easier to do... well, this.


>this foot stamping in response to others
You're right. I watch so much anime I barely have time to watch other stuff, maybe I should take a little break. But my backlog and ptw list are fucking huge.

>Backlog : Blassreiter (on hold), Kaiba, Lucky Star, Joshi Raku, Sengoku Basara, Kaiji S2, RahXenon, Kino no tabi, White Album 2.

>Plan to watch list has 146 entries.

I don't even know where to start.
>he's ranting so he must be a newphag LOL XDDD so edgy m8

Except that's now what I said at all. The issues you're complaining about are pervasive in harem series, and you'd probably be better off not watching them if those things bothered you that much.
File: 1377903617744.png (1.61 MB, 1366x768)
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>he's ranting so he must be a newphag LOL XDDD so edgy m8
I try to watch some of everything to keep an open mind because I tend to write stuff off if there's a little detail that annoys me.

It may be eye opening to view it in the reverse.

A director takes a generic MC and a generic set of girls (perhaps with minor tweaks to make them seem different) and has to put a story with his newly formed harem.

He walks into the writing department and picks up the pile of rejected stories, you know, the ones that won't sell because they're half finished and what not. The characters get shoe-horned in and on occasion a viewer comes to enjoy the story/set up, but cannot get over their lack of execution on development of potential.

It was haremshit from the start, they just almost gave it a decent story.
Raising self inserting full power.
That's a better way of looking at it, thanks for giving a different perspective.

I see what you mean now.

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