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I always imagined Yukiko had a really hairy asshole
File: 1389476614093.png (183.33 KB, 693x1800)
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>none of the manga will ever get translated
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Worst girl.
There is no worst girl in P4.
She's cute, but is she ticklish?
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Fuck off Larry
You're right, they're all shitty.
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Maybe not in Vanilla P4 but P4G has one.
Eat a fucking dick, she wasn't even bad.
There are girls other than Chie?
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She's just being tsundere, anon. Let it go. Amd you're ignoring everything else. Did you play the game?

She is a Yamato Nadeshiko. Everything about her netherregions is going to be hairy as fuck. Naoto would have a full bush aswell since she probably isnt worried about that kind of thing.

Rise would be stylishly trimmed and Chie would go bare as fuck to prevent chaffing when she uses kicks whilst wearing spats.

She was silly but I did end up liking her a lot. She became very cute by the end of her S-link and after her specific dungeon in P4G. Her design is bonerific aswell

Shame about the poetry though. I dont know what they were thinking about with that.
You can't really hate her as a character. I don't like that they added her, because what she was about should've been clearly explained in vanilla in the first place, so she just seems like "HEY WHOOPS WE FUCKED UP HERE HAVE HER OH AND SHE'S A WAIFU TOO". But she's really likeable.

Hell, I dont really have a problem with her role in the plot. Having the fog and the Sagiri's and Izanami fleshed out a bit more was nice.

And I consider P4G the definitive version of the game over vanilla so the additions made to it over vanilla dont bother me in the slightest.
>Not best girl

It was more worth reading whatever she had to offer than the main plot itself and over half the female cast. By all intents she is a "Marie Sue" but she's a worthy addition to such a shit narrative.
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