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Cultural imperialism - the anime

I can already see the genocide of native americans happening before my very eyes. What's your excuse for supporting the exploitation of natives by watching this filth?
Because it made me laugh.
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Yes-yes, good goy. Just ignore this thread and continue eating your burger, nothing to see here...
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So you laugh at the destruction of indigenous cultures? You have sold your soul for some cheap entertainment.
Your ignorance is the cause of McDonaldization. People like you should be lined up and shot.
I for once welcome our japanese overlords.
Because they introduced public education?
File: China panda symbol.jpg (132.21 KB, 735x522)
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>I for once welcome our chinese overlords.
Fix'd that for you.
>wanting to educate dirty smelly dwarves with manboobs instead of using them on the cotton fields where they belong
But perpetual loli dwarves.
>native americans

Surely you mean Ainu
There are no loli dwarves. She-dwarves are the same as male dwarves down to the beard.
File: Are you shitting me.jpg (493.95 KB, 800x1244)
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they are doing OK
/pol/ Pride Worldwide
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what the fuck dude
Weren't the villains were the Jap army trying to impose cultural domination but MC just wanted to promote multiculturalism and end elf/dwarf/reptile thing discrimination? It's /co/ and tumblr friendly as fuck.
>cultural domination
Same cancer.
File: 1385727414439.jpg (872.62 KB, 1280x1585)
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I want to fuck a Dwarf loli.
kill yourself paedo scum
Elves pls leave.

i thought it was funny because all the stuff about freedom and shit the MC was doing was imported to japan via the barrel of a gun by the United States.

So for me, being part of the culture that created the culture he was a part of, watching him try to import that culture to a new land gave me a swell of pride.
I found those parts quite awkward.
I mean I'm fully republican and anti-monarchist, but the MC was quite thoughtless in spreading those ideals around without even trying to understand how their world worked. Like wanking over his superiority.
In the case of Japan despite the initial american push the need for reform came from inside. Japan's westernization was a different process linked with technological modernization. While I agree that the series tried to draw parallels with it, I found everything more closely linked to the spanish colonization of the americas with their missionaries and the like.

Something related to this is the racist aspect of the series. Racism was quite baseless and never elaborated on why the various the various species (it can't even be called racism at this point) hated each other. There is always some kind of negative stereotyping associated with racism, which couldn't be found in the series. It was more like the kind of banter that exists between european nations, mostly harmless stuff.
I think the anime should've focused on their feudalistic society more, instead mixing in a heavily watered down racism, which was just a substitute for "commoner" or "serf".
I almost threw up after watching the first moe culture lesson

But then I just imagined the MC teaching those slimy dwarves and elves good old fashioned American values instead and my penis became erect with pride

>Not the .gif version
File: Petralka_Freak.gif (741.48 KB, 500x283)
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I don't really care about the Native Americans.
Go back to college and your shitty humanities degree.
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