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hey sup /a/ i rly like naruto and wandered what other animes i should watch??? hopefuly something with ninjas in it

also i heard cowboybepop is realy good should i watch that?
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what does vidya half to do with this???
A little too obvious OP the best i can give you is a 1/10
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You blew your endgame, go home
wtf is your guys problem??? i just wanted to know some good animes to watch you double niggers are you gonna help me or not???
Shit son, not even the biggest turboautist will fall for this.
I think you underestimate the both the number of autists and the severity of their autism. I can admit to trolling and still get one of you to shit your pants in anger if I touch the right nerve.
Eh, i don't think anger is the right word, i used to do this too, but after a while i realized they look forward to this things, they like to circlejerk over how "superior" they are

Trolling real newfags is where it's at, they don't know how to deal with the autism
File: 1237917779613[1].jpg (230.80 KB, 936x936)
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As far as I can tell, it's a defensive mechanism. /a/'s culture is bred out of an inferiority complex. These nerds just have to prove that /a/nime is a legitimate interests/hobby. The hilarious reactions create a vicious cycle of people trolling to get those reactions which breeds more defensiveness, which makes the reactions that much more hilarious.
Since this a shit thread, can I ask if anyone remembers an anime? In an episode, three people meet up after talking online, an older guy, a younger guy, and a young girl. They plan on killing themselves, but keep failing. I remember they try to use a stove or something to cause themselves to die via smoke inhalation, and then they end up going to a forest to hang themselves, but the branches end up breaking. They eventually give up. Is it paranoia agent? I think it is after typing this out, but it's been years.
Pretty much, but i think it's actually positive for their egos when you do, as in, they feed on this, how could they enjoy discussing the same argumment over and over again?

It's a weird board to troll indeed
Shit man, I wish I could help you. Actually sounds interesting.
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Naruto and Cowbow Bebop is REALLY similar.

If you like one, then you'll like the other so I'll recommend that you watch it (;

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