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Review everything you've watched this season in a nice, succinct manner.


Tonari no Seki-kun: Seki-kun was everything I wanted it to be: short, cute, fun, and spot-on hilarious.

Noragami: Of all the romance/there’s a magical world hidden behind this one anime this season, I like Noragami the best.

Witchcraft Works: And WCW second, but it might stop being funny when the novelty of the MC being called a princess wears off.

Nobunagun the Fool: Quite possibly the most ambitious anime this season, with beautiful worlds and characters.

Onee-chan ga Kita: Short, funny, this one was a small surprise.

D-Frag!: Maybe the best new straight-up romcom this season with interesting humor and characters.

Chuunibyou! ~Ren - Seeing the cast of Chuunibyou again made me happy, but after an episode of set up the ball needs to start rolling soon.

Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta - This aviation love story has a lot of promise, even if I don’t quite get what’s going on yet.

Pupa - I actually found the opener disappointing, doing nothing more than setting up its premise, but it was much too short to consider giving up on yet.


Mahou Sensou - There are a lot of shows like this this season, but nothing about this one drew me in.

Hamatora - Maybe my “best of the rest” - it was an interesting story that just never quite went over the top for me.

Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okaishiin Da Ga - If girls needing to pee was my fetish, this would be a must-watch for me.

Sakura Trick! - This show is really for someone else, but it was better than I expected it to be.


Wake Up, Girls! - I’ve never understood the appeal of this kind of show, and Wake Up, Girls! does nothing to change that.

Super Sonico the Animation - Watching this made me feel like there’s some kind of ultrasoft-core porn genre I missed out on but don’t really want any part of.
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>Of all the romance/there’s a magical world hidden behind this one anime this season, I like Noragami the best.

Is it though? I get the feeling it wont be.
Maybe it's not. Which would be fine. I just got that feeling because she was saying there wasn't really any guy she liked right as she ran into homeless god, and then they ended up saving each other a bunch.

MAL doesn't list romance as a genre, though.
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>Yukki is two blades
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Nisekoi - Haven't read the manga, but looks to be a fun show because of SHAFT and the premise.
Pupa - Disappointing as shit and sounds like it was recorded in a public bathroom, thanks DEEN.
桜 Trick - Not too much to say except that it's cute as fuck; I like it.
Chuu22 - Was really disappointed, it just felt like it was lacking something that the first season had.
Seki-kun - Looks to be the most fun show of the season, can't wait for the next episode.
Buddy Complex - I'll be honest, I'm only watching this because it's a Sunrise original mecha and I want to see it turn into a hilarious trainwreck.
Space Dandy - I did not like it at all, but I'll give it three episodes.
Noragami - My favorite show of the season so far; also has ED of the season.
SYD* - Just as great as the first season so far.

I still need to watch Mahou Sensou and Wake up Girls. I like this season quite a bit so far, though.
I like your taste
Guess we'll find out. I'll probably read the manga after it finishes; seeing as it's Bones I doubt the ending will satisfy me.
>D-Frag!: Maybe the best new straight-up romcom
What the fuck?
ImoCho - Worthless with the censorship
Nobunaga the Fool - Could be interesting, 3 episode rule
Noragami - Seems pretty generic, 3 episode rule
Sakura Trick - I like yuri, but I'm not sure if I can watch 12 episodes of this. Could be boring in the end.
Super Sonico - -
Z/X Ignition - Great promise, shitty advertisment for that card game. Dropped.

This season is really shitty.

its not, but you can kinda tell that she likes him. lots of adventures solving other peoples problems and spending time together
>Noragami - First episode was okay, but I'm really liking the manga so I will continue watching regardless.

>Space Dandy - Fun to watch, some decent characters, SPACE, and good action, a bit too much fanservice, but half the episode was in a Hooters.

>Hamatora - It is like some teenage girl's fantasy, will give 3 episode rule because I'm a sucker for groups of people with unique powers.

>Buddy Complex - Main 2 protag mechs are lame, hopefully things will get CUH-RAZY.
Noragami: Nice presentation and interesting start, but it is a BONES manga adaptation so is likely doomed to failure.

Hamatora: Reminds me of a much brighter version of Darker than Black.

Space Dandy: He's not dandy enough.

Mahou Sensou: Bland characters, bland story, typical MC is strong for no apparent reason.

Nobunaga the Fool: I smell Valvrave-tier trainwreck, however I lost it at Sugita voicing Da Vinci.

Pupa: How can something only 4 minutes long be this terrible?

D-Frag: Romcom. Dropped about two minutes in.
Sounds good to me, I like those kind of close friendships. Especially when there's something else there but it's very subtle.
If D-Frag! isn't, what do you think is? To be fair I haven't seen Nisekoi! yet.
Romance is hardly the focus of the series, though I don't really blame you for thinking that because of the intro scene. It's about the MC('s family) playing the straight man to everyone in the cast.
>Love it
Sakura Trick : yes yess aw yiss lots of kissing 10/10 yuri masterpiece more episodes yes yes turn on
PuPiPo! : really great, cute, funny and even the dramatic turn will still be good
Sekai Seifuku : Love it, even the obvious self-insert MC isn't too bad.

Seki-kun : great and funny, though the art is sub-par. But for a high schooler making it during class it's incredible.
Nobunagun : I don't know why is everyone so enthusiastic, it wasn't bad, even entertaining, but it could go downhill easily.

Space Dandy : don't take it seriously, look at the pretty animation and everything will be fine
Onee-chan ga kita : not especially interesting but that perverted onee-chan is entertaining, while the little brother is just your usual bland harem MC without a harem.

>Hate it, dropped hard, called Obama for more nukes on Japan
ImoCho : Really? This is incredibly dumb and not in a good way.
Pupa : I don't know what is happening, it's frustrating me and I don't really care either. When you only have 3 minutes you don't drag on, especially if you had to censor everything.
Mikakunin de Shinkoukei : what a shitty premise, and the main girl is totally uninteresting. I've stopped caring and only watched the lolicon onee-chan do lolicon things.
Oh, you're right. It's not listed as romance either... that's the second time I made that mistake.
File: Sonico.png (2.68 MB, 3360x2100)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB PNG
>Super Sonico the Animation - Watching this made me feel like there’s some kind of ultrasoft-core porn genre I missed out on but don’t really want any part of.

Maybe the worst episode of anything I've seen in a long time.
File: evil-grin.gif (875.77 KB, 420x236)
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875.77 KB GIF
Kill la Kill - Still just as divisive as last season, but I like it.

Log Horizon - A refreshing MMO series that doesn't just go for graphics or harems but blends a variety of themes seamlessly.

Space Dandy - Exciting, funny, beautifully animated, and also very divisive.

Tonari no Seki-kun - hilarious, cute, fun, and reminds me of Nichijou.

Robot Girls Z - Proving that anything can be improved by adding cute girls and making me laugh non-stop.

Onee-chan ga Kita - Love the art style and enjoy the premise, but it's going to take time for me to get over Onee-chan's Renge face.

Noragami - Interesting premise, beautiful animation, and interesting characters.

Nobunagun - Animation was all over the place, but the premise is interesting and I'm cautiously optimistic about this being an incredibly fun ride.

Nisekoi - First RomCom I've picked up in a long time that I didn't hate from the beginning, thanks to the excellent animation and soundtrack. Looking forward to more Yakuza antics and characters that don't like each other being forced together.

Sakura Trick - My heart penis can't take it. I'm going to die every week.

ImoCho - It's sort of like Fairy Tail in that I know it's complete shit and I'm not going to let that stop me from enjoying it anyway.

Sekai Seifuku - Very pleasantly surprised by this one. As someone else said in another thread, it should be illegal to have a plot this retarded and execute it so perfectly. I like knowing right off thebat the Venera-sama get's her way eventually.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with this season.
Hamatora seems to be best of this season
Space Dandy: Underwhelming.

Sakura Trick: Hnnnnng.

Nobunaga the Fool: What the fuck is going on weeeell this is fine.

Aviation Station: What the fuck is going on weeeell this is fine.

Super Sonico the Animation: Why did I watch Super Sonico the Animation?

- Kill la Kill: good start of the 2nd half, made room for a great story arc.
- Pupipo: fucking adorable
- Sekai Seifuku: first episode blew me away, let's hope it stays this enjoyable.

>Dunno if love
- Space Dandy: Nice animation, but unoriginal and rather juvenile humour.
- Tonari: Haven't fallen 100% for it yet, it's like one sketch from Nichiyou stretched out of proportion.
- Chuu2: Not a great S2 start, will continue watching but expectations are low.

>Not watched yet
- Nisekoi: guaranteed masterpiece because Shaft + Shinbo.

>holy fuck what
- Pupa: Really, DEEN? Really?
Tonari no Seki-kun: As a mangafag I can say that this was a great adaptation, budget issues notwithstanding.
Sekai Seifuku: Great establishing episode, I'm sold.
Onee-chan ga Kita: The nee-san is adorable.
SYD*: More of the same.
Pupipo: Ghost Yamada is cute, and the show itself is alright.
Robot Girls Z: Fun and good spin-off series.
D-Frag: I haven't read the manga, but the mangafags tell me it gets better, which is good since it really needs to get better.
Hoozuki no Reitetsu: 90% of the jokes flew over my head, and the only thing I got was the setting of Japanese Hell, which is quite similar to most Asian hells, so I can see myself dropping this soon.

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