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A question for the /a/ristocracy of japanese animation

I enjoy the "otaku subculture" shows like Genshiken, Cosplay Complex and Otaku no Video. I'm reading on some review sites that "Comic Party" is supposed to be good, so is it worth the buy? [I'm a dub fan.]I'm just worried from it already looking so bright and colorful it might be too sickly sweet and uber cute that I'll want to flush it down the toilet.

Also, do I have to watch the original to get/understand/enjoy "Comic Party Revolution" Or could I just jump right into it?
just watch revolution
>I'm a dub fan.

Prepare to get shitstormed by the butthurt powerlevel hiding weeaboo's.
>[I'm a dub fan.]
You are a troll.

No serious person could claim that dubs are superior as a general rule. There are some dubs that are perhaps as good as the original track, and some dubs that are better than the original track, but as a general rule they are comparatively worse.

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