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Waiting for the next episode hurts.

Also spoilers for the next 4 episodes are out.

Something happens during the race to build strike that almost costs them the tournament, to earn enough points to move onto the finals they have to defeat Felini for the final round of the prelims, Reiji builds a gunpla with help from a certain globe trotting runner up, and the first opponent in the finals is Mao.
>a certain globe trotting runner up
Sei's dad?
can't wait to see the old guy reaction when see Sei's father.
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>Sei's dad
Yeah, he's alive.

>Takeshi Iori

>Sei's father, a famous Gundam fighter and runner-up in the second Gunpla Battle World Championships. He voyages the world, sending advances in Gunpla back home to his wife and son at the Iori model shop.

You have to wonder what exactly these 'advances in gunpla' are.

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I want to fuck Sei while he's wearing nothing but socks and sneakers.
I want to give Sazaki a punishment for being so naughty all the time and make him a sex slave.
I want to teach Mao that he shouldn't trust strangers so easily.
Actually, those sound plausible. It's not unusual to look into and find new tools and supplies. There are a ton out there and new stuff claiming to be "the best" coming out all the time. He probably send them back home to get feedback on them so they can order more if they like it.

Current theory is that he works promoting gunpla or something for Bandai.

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