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Aska! you have 19 seconds, beat them all!
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the way the bloody unit 01 jumped down from leliel's corpse was fucking amazing and i wish people would actually look at how great eva is past the shitty retarded fanbase instead of saying it's shit because they feel special for doing so

b-but anon, gundam is so much better, I'm so l337 for liking gundam! even though gundam is a real robot series and eva practically a supernatural super robot series with lots of seinen shit in it!

What pisses me off the most from gundamfags shitting up Eva threads is that they don't even know about Ideon
Why don't they make a good eva game?
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So I watched all of the TV series (gonna watch End of Eva after it downloads) and I've got to say...

I'm an Asukafag. Motherfucker.
the best part is that is, is an actual gif and you will have to wait for it to load to save it
Good taste. Asuka wins.
Was I the only one pissed they shortened this scene in rebuild?

It's like Anno betrayed his own budgetless vision.
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Welcome to the club, and after you watch EoE you'll love her even more. I guarantee it
Fuck the Rebuild, this is how you use Longinus like a boss

fucking retards thats the kind of shit i am talking about, you're not supposed to like asuka or rei, you are supposed to pity them
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>Surprisingly sweet Unit-02 Pilot
I had a dream where I was the lance for some reason.
File: Eva_Unit_01_by_Fredhild.jpg (1.94 MB, 2550x3507)
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it's objectively my favorite scene from the series
eva had a pretty big budget actually, it was just poorly handled by anno
unlike ttgl which had a meh budget but they handled it really well
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You're the fucking retard
They don't need pity, they need Love
The funny thing is Tomnio fags keep saying Ideon that Ideon this

The Ideon TV series is crap in any aspect, and people only remember Ideon movie 2 is becasue Tomino kill'em all in the end.
the only character that needed love in the show was shinji
but things go hilarious when he gets love since his new love loses his head over it
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I love that episode too
Asuka got told by Rei #basedRei
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I hope you watched the DC edition.

Well the movie will be very interesting for you.
It focuses a lot on Shinji and Asuka.
Man it's the other way around
Shinji is the one who need pity, that's the perfect example. When he got love he only got himself hurt even more
>and people only remember Ideon movie 2 is becasue Sadamoto said Anno used it as inspiration
>with lots of seinen shit in it!
This term doesn't apply to anime and doesn't mean anything there, stop using it.
Not to mention the Eva mango was published on a shonen magazine.
Sure, Anno used lots of thing as inspiration
And about EOE itself, the atmosphere, the theme is actually more like Nausicaa manga than Ideon

Oh wait, Tominofag only eat mecha shit, they don't know anything except Tomino or Go Nagai
You got me wrong. Ideon is horribly overrated and the only reason it got a huge hype among mechafags is because they can talk trash like "I liked Eva better when it was called Ideon", "Eva is just a shitty Ideon's rip-off", etc.

I actually liked the movie but the show is a fucking borefest

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