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Alright fags, I've been lurking the tomboy threads and it seems like it's time we update that list again.

Remember lets keep it civil, maybe have some discussion, or just have fun posting the girls we love.

List, definitions, topics in next three posts I make.
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List pt.1

Makoto (Idolm@ster)
Kanbaru (bakemonogatari)
Ritsu (K-ON)

Sayaka (madoka)
Yozora (Haganai)
Marii (Joshiraku)
Ringo (Nichijou Boys)
Makoto (Tokikake)
Akko (LWA)
Wanko (Sankarea)
Nagisa (Ika)
Hinagiku (Hayate)

Chie (Persona)
Ai (Amagami SS)
Zessica (EVOL)
Sakura (Street Fighter)
Makoto (Street Fighter)
Shaga (Bento)
Dragon Kid (Tiger&Bunny)
Nanami (Dog Days)
Suzuha (S;G)
Akane (ranma)
Madoka (RnL)
Nagisa (Pretty Cure)
Kagura (Azumanga Daioh)
Junko (Daimaou)
Jupiter (Sailor Moon)
Saegusa (Vividred Operation)
Merry (Merry)
Ayumi (TWGOK)
Noriko (GuP)
Onihime (SKET Dance)
Mika (Resort Boin)
Ranmaru (Binbougami Ga)
Asuka (Tekken)
Arisawa (Bleach)

Reverse Trap:
Naoto (persona)
Kino (no Tabi)
Haruhi (Ouran)
Takatsuki (Hourou Musuko)
Touma (Minami-ke)

Yukari (GuP)
M16 (Upotte)
Nao (patlabor)
Megumi (AMG)
Lavie (LE)
Matia (Gargantia)
Ed (Cowboy Bebop)
Kana (Haibane Renmei)

Wild Onee-san (incl delinquent):
Uranus (Sailor Moon)
Tatiana (LE)
Haruko (FLCL)
Ushio (Hyakko)

Borderline Tomboys:
Tomonori (zombie desu)
Misaki (Kaichou Maid-sama)
Haruna (zombie desu)
Urabe (NnK X)

Badasses (psuedoTomboy "matured tomboys"):
Makoto (GitS)
Akane (PP)
Revy (BL)
Mor (Magi)
Mikasa (SnK)
Tarisa (Muv-Luv) [also a tomcat]
Utena (Utena)

Genki Girls (not Tomboys, personality still very girly):
Akiho (R;N)

Fembros (often mistaken for tomboys):
Kaoru (Amagami SS)
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693.62 KB JPG
List pt.2

Need input:
Jormu (zettai bouei leviathan)
MucchiI (Manabi Straight)
Hikaru (Magic Knight)
Forte (Galaxy Angel)
Hitomi (Escaflowne)
Mion (Higurashi)
Riza (Princess Resurrection)
Noriko (Gunbuster)
Serizawa (PPD)
Risty (QB)
Sochie (Turn A)
Tokiha (Mai-Hime)
Hana Morenos (MtH)
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364.19 KB JPG
Definitions pt.1

Working (base) Definition for Tomboy:
A girl whose preferences and attitudes are boyish, yet is not completely seperate from nor has forsaken her femininity.

Postergirls: girls that are identified with tomboys, as such they appear the most, Makoto being the unofficial OP header

Standard: boyish attitudes not much more

Athletic: boyish in attitude but it comes out the most in their devotion to athleticism

Reverse Trap: the holy grail

Mechanic: similar to athletic but their out let is more along the mechanic side

Wild Onee-san: wild older sister figures, sometimes viewed as delinquents, but definitely boyish/manish in behavior

Borderline tomboys: More like girls that were kinda boyish at some point (may remove tomboy classification and act as a catch all)

Badasses: they are like tomboys in that they can think like guys and have no problem getting their hand dirty with manly work doing "badass" acts. But seem more mature in the sense that they act this way more out of necessity than preference.

Reverse Tomboys: Girls who grow up where the cultural norm is for girls to be masculine, while they prefer to act girly. A girl that is barely a reverse tomboy in this world would be more similar to our "typical" tomboy.

Genki Girls: is a girl that may have masculine preferences or hobbies, but is still very feminine personality wise.
File: 1357100430064.jpg (39.77 KB, 348x500)
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39.77 KB JPG
Definitions pt.2

Fembros: Girls that are essentially girls but are confused for tomboys because they hold no hesitation doing boyish activities (as opposed to having a preference for them). Many Fembros spend most of their time with guys, thus end up having much screen time doing boyish activities, adding to the confusion. Clarification can be found by looking at the intent, "are they just hanging with the guys, or are they doing it for themselves?"

Bendergender: Have their own unique appeal not completely dissimilar from tomboys but do not belong in this thread.

Sexual Preference doesn't need to factor into the Tomboy equation.
File: 1337276158529.jpg (61.25 KB, 607x869)
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61.25 KB JPG
Common Topics pt.1

Tomboy Definition Considerations:
Does femininity compromise Tomboy classification? (where's the difference between slightly boyish girls/ tomboys/ butches?)
Does a character only need tomboy personality traits or also physical manifestations of those traits?

Other Topics:
Why are all 3DPD tomboys lesbians, and how can I make her realize she really wants to be treated like a princess every once in a while?
Is it blasphemy to want to make a tomboy act like a normal girl? Alternatively, thoughts on treating tomboys like princesses?
It is the undeniable truth that tomboys are the cutest when they do something girly and act girly, and then stubbornly deny it or reluctantly put up with it, but secretly enjoy it.
How much muscle is too much muscle, when does it just become a body builder with a pussy that likes to act gay sometimes?
What sexdrive is appropiate for a tomboy? How about pure maiden status, how about pure maiden status for badasses? If your tomboy/badass was used goods how much would you love her?
That's very nice and all, but what's the point?
File: 1357211212657.jpg (91.19 KB, 1280x720)
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Common topics pt.2

Monstergirltomboys? No, but there can be reverse tomboys:
A rare discussion, but can monster girls be tomboys? Consider if the base personality is more feminine then it should be possible. But what if the base personality is more masculine such as demons? Acting boyish would be natural but a major part of the tomboy definition is a girl who defies natural feminine behavior to act boyish disregarding societal or cultural confirmations. One proposition is a new classification for these masculine monstergirls (reverse tomboys).

Reverse tomboys are girls whom in their own societal or cultural norm are expected to act masculine but desire to act girly and do so occasionaly. Now then the next consideration would be how girly would they have to act? If they were true reverse tomboys then they would act girly by preference while balancing the norm or maintaining some masculinity which then shines out. After such discussion it was pointed out that seems kind of gay, which then relected on pointing out its only as gay as liking tomboys in the first place. So then it was agreed that reverse tomboys have a spectrum much like normal tomboys only theirs is reveresed in roles of masculinity and feminity, hence a somewhat reverse tomboy would act similarly to a more hardcore "normal" tomboy. >This whole conversation occured in my head, feel free to elaborate.
But based on this, where do worlds with ambiguous cultural norms like GuP fall? Panzerfarhen is a really girly sport, but Yukari still seems like a normal tomboy to me.
It's a tomboy thread, this is what we do sometimes.
It all seems pretty good to me OP.

Don't think I've ever seen monster girls be discussed let alone posted in a tomboy thread.
It was in one of the recent ones, sort of brought up a good point to consider. I just wrote it down and expanded on it.
Must have missed that then. I don't see why they couldn't be considered tomboys, even if their natural disposition was tomboy like. In fact, that would be even better in my opinion.
I think the main consideration is whether they deserve a unique category or if they should be put under something more specific. Also what if the monster they're based off is is naturally more masculine, they would only be behaving normally in way similar to a tomboy but would they still really be a tomboy?
File: image.jpg (886.19 KB, 2000x1500)
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Is Kagura a standard tomboy? It seems like to me since she shows both a girly and masculine side equally.
I think that then broaches the question of whether the tomboy personality itself is the primary point of attraction or rather the difference between a tomboy personality and a traditional feminine one? Would tomboys be as attractive if they were the majority?
File: image.jpg (72.70 KB, 550x711)
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Also add Kyuubei.
File: 6827877.png (352.48 KB, 700x766)
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352.48 KB PNG
I love you guys for having serious discussions about tomboys.
Ahh that broaches the question on how we define tomboys, do we take a stance where we evaluate the definition based on objective attractiveness. Or do we define it as a set of characteristics and personality?

I detailed my thoughts a bit here >>100045662 I gave up and just made a new category for consistency with the other definitions, by including cultural norms into working definitions.
What would you say makes Ritsu a "tomboy", exactly? She uses "atashi" instead of "boku", doesn't participate in any sports, and isn't mechanically inclined. The most she does is have a hobby for playing video games and reading manga, which at this point in time isn't really a "tomboy" thing anymore. Ten or fifteen years ago, sure.

Regardless, though, what personality traits would you say makes Ritsu a "postergirl" for tomboys?
Said this in the last thread, but why don't you guys give /e/ any love? There's a tomboy thread there and it hasn't been updated since 8 days ago, minus two posts about 10 hours ago.
I haven't actually watched much Gintama, but how about athletic tomboy? Why standard over that, or is her athleticism not a major trait of who she is?

I forgot to add, if you want a girl added; please put her name, series she's from, what category she should fall under, and why you think that.

It will be easier to talk and get a consensus in that format.

She sits with her legs open and tends to wear boyish clothes rather than skirts?
Yagyuu Kyuubei (Gintama) reverse tomboy.

Yes, I think athletic tomboy suits Kagura more.
Can that bitch from Ookami-san be considered a Badass?
File: 1331150607639.jpg (331.21 KB, 539x803)
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331.21 KB JPG
Partially its a historical thing, as yes she isn't far into the tomboy spectrum.

But within the K-ON universe she very much fit the tomboy archetype. She may have not said boku, but she did act boyish in the way that she was brash and didn't have a preference for acting girly. Of course this is emphasized by being surrounded by moe k-on girly girls, but the point still stands that she had a preference and attitude for acting somewhat boyish while still retaining a fair amount of femininity.

I think the best example was the one episode where mugi wanted ritsu to hit her, at the end she said something along the lines that ritsu would be a good male escort (not the prostitute kind).
I thought she was squeezing her massive cow tits from that thumbnail.
>based on objective attractiveness. Or do we define it as a set of characteristics and personality?

It absolutely has to be based upon the later. We've already seen a pretty big spread, physical characteristic wise, regarding what people see as tomboyish. I think the spread is much smaller however when you look at things like personality or behavior.
Ya that's what I was leaning torwards, but all I write down is based on general consensus so it's still up for debate.

>Working (base) Definition for Tomboy:
>A girl whose preferences and attitudes are boyish, yet is not completely separate from nor has forsaken her femininity.

That's what I've been working all the other definitions off of.
I think athletic tomboy suits her more. She's more boyish and stronger than her partner when situations occur.

Kyuubei (Gintama), raised as a boy, only acts girly when forced to, wants to implant a penis so she can fuck her childhood friend
Probably reverse tomboy.
That being raised as a boy probably fits reverse trap better than reverse tomboy. As she still shows masculinity while cultural norm is femininity. Reverse tomboy is a tomboy is basically bizarro tomboy, a girl that is supposed to be manly due to cultural norms while she wants to act feminine.

The only acts girly when forced to makes me want to and the penis thing makes me want to consider a guy in a girls body category. But I think that would mess up consistency, and add unecessary complexity. As long as she still has some femininity even if unwanted I think she safely falls under Reverse Trap.
Oh shit. I was wondering if there were definitions that fit her. Guess I accidentally skimmed it. Thanks anon.
>A girl whose preferences and attitudes are boyish, yet is not completely separate from nor has forsaken her femininity.

That more than works for me. Everything else is pretty much preference.
Ohh that might be my bad, I think when I originally made this we were already discussing reverse traps a lot so I didn't expand upon the definition. And I didn't have reverse tomboys at that time.

So maybe we'll fix this >>100045508 into
>Reverse Trap: the holy grail, girls who act and dress like boys to hide their female identity, typically keep their femininity under wraps as much as their boobs
for clarity.
File: Shirogane_Naoto.jpg (311.49 KB, 1650x2250)
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311.49 KB JPG
>Reverse Trap: the holy grail

Can confirm.
File: 1338313655568.png (200.88 KB, 575x960)
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200.88 KB PNG
File: 1386436043624.jpg (263.56 KB, 673x980)
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I can't even remember if it was addressed, but what did people outside of the GuP community think of the GuPs?
File: 1364748389941.jpg (437.22 KB, 800x1136)
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iirc, they were all best. A tomboy paradise as well since there were so many of them.
File: 36009939_p0.jpg (1.08 MB, 1600x760)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
I know all panzers are best best panzer, I was wondering more within the confines of the show. Were girls who participated in panzer fahren considered desirable?
File: d7ab3ccd.png (9.90 KB, 600x400)
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Is this thread doomed to die? How sad.
File: 1354121465436.jpg (459.09 KB, 741x1000)
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459.09 KB JPG
I think that was one of the main selling points for the kaichou to recruit with, join panzerfahren and guys will like you. I think that was one of the big motivations for Saori initially before she backed Miho. They're basically like local athletic celebrities, except in world panzerfahren is veiwed as a girly activity in a way so they are pretty much adored for being ideal women. With some exceptions like Hana's mom, so maybe theirs two views to it, canonically.

nah, tomboy threads are usually slow and steady. As one as long of us bumps before page limit, it'll stay open until more of our tomboy anons follow and start posting regularly. So keep bumping or try to start a discussion until more of us are here.

> A tomboy paradise as well since there were so many of them.

They even had Team Tomboy.
File: inaban a best.jpg (840.86 KB, 1194x1688)
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840.86 KB JPG
You forgot someone pretty fucking important, guys.
File: Yanagin.jpg (30.28 KB, 225x350)
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30.28 KB JPG
Don't Yanagin from nichibros count as a tomboy too?

And I'm pretty sure Midori no Hibi had a deliquent onee-san.
File: 3317033.jpg (533.65 KB, 800x1001)
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533.65 KB JPG
>As one as long of us bumps before page limit

Yeah, that's usually what I do when I find a tomboy thread, but I was just a little nervous since I'll have to be gone for a little while.
File: 1359439739154.jpg (98.03 KB, 374x861)
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98.03 KB JPG
I always felt she was a borderline tomboy, because she just eeks femininity. Maybe more of a kuudere in the beginning. I think her tomboy saving grace was pic.
>Why are all 3DPD tomboys lesbians
This is untrue.
I know plenty of tomboys who prefer the D.
If anything I always felt that was her defining moment as one...

Eh, YMMV i guess. She is still best grill all time though.
As long as there's more than one of us, tomboy threads are usually pretty good at staying up. As long as there hasn't been too many just previously.

In the recent threads a few anons have been sharing their experiences and a good majority have had that experience, still anecdotal though. But at least they come to realize again how much 2D>3DPD, but anon can dream.
Far too often they're relegated to side character or second girl roles. Need more tomboy MCs.
I actually like Iori better, mostly because I wanted to white knight her. She just kept getting the raw end no matter what she tried. She didn't even get to really playout her first love naturally since heartseed kept fucking her over. And she was the one that was trying the most to become a better person. She didn't deserve all that suffering.

Inaba was just a normal girl, that wanted to have problems to fit in; it's harder for me to relate to her. On top of that she had everything she wanted handed to her on a silver platter. Even if taichi and inaba were better for each other, I'll keep on whiteknighting iori until she finds happiness.
File: 1362279180107.jpg (166.56 KB, 600x720)
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166.56 KB JPG
What's better? A tomboy MC or a reasonable MC who chooses a tomboy?

When I watched No-Rin yesterday, I once more felt the pain of seeing a Tomboy Best Girl be relegated to Obvious Loser status in the Love Triangle, and all just because she's the Childhood Friend.

The only time I've ever seen anything near a tomboy win is Molester Man.
The main problem with 3D is, in my experience, that girls who have enough tomboy traits to be classified as one, and few enough anti-tomboy traits, generally just go way too far off the deep end. On the other hand, girls who have similar amounts of tomboy traits as most of our favorite 2D tomboys, ALSO have way too many feminine traits lying in the way to be properly considered one.

Simply put, 3D women simply have more character depth, and the true tomboy benefits from some amount of shallowness; simply because the more you expand, the more you're likely to start running into feminine traits that diminish her tomboy-ness, if you want to keep her a likeable character; or just ruin her as a person in your struggle to keep her a genuine tomboy.

Gonna go with an example here. I have two siblings - an elder brother and a younger sister. Without going into too much depth, my sister has - by growing up with my family being as it is - a very large amount of tomboyish personality traits, humor and whatnot. If this was 2D, she could very well be a quite complete character with only - or mostly - these traits defining her; however, this is 3D, and there's a lot more parts to her personality than that, a lot of which parts are distinctly feminine enough that her tomboy factor goes considerably back down again. She's by no means girly, but the fact that she has so many countertraits means she can't legitimately be called a tomboy in the sense we know it.

>mfw seriously analyzing my imouto on /a/
I just want a tomboy who'll watch anime and play videogames with me, is that too much to ask?
File: 1351911547018.jpg (574.28 KB, 848x1200)
574.28 KB
574.28 KB JPG
>reasonable MC who chooses a tomboy
I like to see my tomboys happy. tomboy MC isn't bad either.

More Naoto please.
Watch Kokoro Connect, and you'll see 2 tomboys win at once.
(more or less)

>mfw 3D tomboys think that "acting like one of the guys" means constantly talking about sex

Maybe I'm just a prude from all of my time spent on /a/, but seriously, why the fuck do people think it's okay to talk about sex openly in public?
File: 33774441_big_p6.jpg (111.39 KB, 500x855)
111.39 KB
111.39 KB JPG
>reasonable MC who chooses a tomboy

Okay, running off of that. What would you rather see? A more non-masculine MC or a traditionally masculine MC? Keep in mind that both of them are going against the grain and social norms.

I just don't see it. Her being less feminine in comparison to the hyper girly girls around her does NOT make her a tomboy. Sounds more like she is trying to make a place for her to fit in with her group, can't act girly, so own up to her boyish nature a bit. But I've never actually seen k-on, I'm just going off of your short little blurb.

Even before you mentioned it just now, I wouldn't consider her for a tomboy. That aside, I think Chie would qualify for one of the postergirls. I see her posted in almost every tomboy thread.
>But anon! If you're not a virgin then why won't you talk about sex?

Word for word from 3D.
I have zero social contact with 3D females IRL so I wouldn't know. But the people I work with (all men) do it all the time. I think things have swung the other way since it used to be a very off limits topic in public.
Because it's what The Cool Guys In Highschool did to impress each other.

Idk, really. Though there is an important difference; everyone in my family has like the lewdest humor on the planet, so in that sense there's plenty of occasions I'd hear my imouto talk rancy. On the other hand, actually talking about sex is, well, not taboo per se, but just bad taste. Idk, might be different for you amerifags though.
So basically to have a true 3D tomboy like in our anime, these girls have a personality defining existence which pushes them off the end. Or in other words the balance between being boyish and keeping some girlyness is more skewed in the real world. Where tomboys in anime can be everything, real tomboys have to trade bits of their feminine identity to achieve tomboy status and to become a real tomboy they often trade too much.

So our concept of tomboy needs to be adjusted if we are to find an equivalent 3D one. As the more tomboyish we want, they traits interact with their character depth which tend to increase their odds for being more bi or into girls. As 3D is real and there tomboy traits can't be viewed in a vacuum.
File: 040.jpg (144.14 KB, 550x900)
144.14 KB
144.14 KB JPG
Why are we even talking about 3D? Tomboy robowaifus soon, fellow anons.
This should be physically impossible. I'm pretty fucking shut-in myself, but even I can't manage this degree of retarded seclusion from the other sex. How do you even?
File: Maki.jpg (80.84 KB, 600x783)
80.84 KB
80.84 KB JPG
Maki Aikawa should be on the Athletic list.
And Melissa Mao should be on the badasses list
File: 1348889362133.png (1.84 MB, 2000x2160)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB PNG
Well if i think non-masculine I think of Hourou Musuko, which I only saw the anime. But I can see either working out in a way, but for a non-masculine I'd still like to see him stand proud of his identity when he goes with that girl, kinda like in Hourou Musuko. But having pride in yourself and not backing down is pretty manly thing for a non-masculine MC.

So I guess in a sense I lean towards an MC that can be masculine in his pursuit of love for the tomboy letting no insecurities get in the way.
File: Untitled.jpg (1.32 MB, 2373x1579)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB JPG
>no Oscar Fran├žois de Jarjayes

This thread SUCKS.
You struck with the hammer once and the nail went most of the way in, so to speak.

TL;DR - what suffices to define a 2D tomboy does not suffice in 3D, and the lengths a 3D tomboy must go to to be defined as one also often ruins her chances of having any sort of likeable personality.
>But I've never actually seen k-on,
Well then you need to shut up. It sounds like your projecting and interpreting based on how you want to define her. Watch K-ON instead of making assumptions, it makes you look foolish.

Also read the whole fucking post.
>Of course this is emphasized by being surrounded by moe k-on girly girls, but the point still stands that she had a preference and attitude for acting somewhat boyish while still retaining a fair amount of femininity
key words: other girls emphasize
she's still tomboyish within her own personality

You're fucking cancer, and a newfag.
File: 1336939528333.png (1.18 MB, 1280x915)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
Makoto is the best tomboy.
File: 1338306359730.jpg (206.30 KB, 600x800)
206.30 KB
206.30 KB JPG
Well by social contact I mean conversation, so saying thanks to the check out lady isn't counted.

>this degree of retarded seclusion from the other sex. How do you even?
The infantry and no social life at all. And I used to to be NEET and borderline hiki so I've managed to avoid 3DPD almost completely since I finished education.

Not with a good waifu and some imagination. Day dreaming is an important skill.

Needs to be collated into a visual chart.
I guess this is when student life and workplace gender policies come into play, because I've never been in a situation where I've even had that option. In fact, since I was 10 I have constantly been in everyday environments dominated by females. The only thing uni has changed for me is all these feminist teachers everywhere

I mean I don't have anything particularly against them, but damn, stop shoving it down my throat
>that slight drooling

Too much for my heart.

You getting so defensive reinforces my previous assumption that you just want /a/ to recognize you waifu as a tomboy for some reason.

Part of my point was that this was your chance to make me see her as a tomboy. I'm not going to watch K-on to asses whether or not Ritsu is a tomboy. I'm here to talk about tomboys, not K-on. I don't see how discussion is cancer.

Back to my main point. She just doesn't seem like a tomboy to me. A lot of being a tomboy is the appearance, not all mind you. She looks like a normal girl to me. If I look her up on a booru I don't get "tomboy" as one of the tags, so I'm obviously not the only one who doesn't see her as one. If she wore spats or was on a swim team, that would be a different story. It sounds like you are stretching quite a bit to make the label apply to her.
File: hot pants chibi.jpg (156.56 KB, 490x600)
156.56 KB
156.56 KB JPG
Reverse Trap
Hot Pants (Steel Ball Run)

She poses as a guy to partecipate in the race.
She also speaks in an overly masculine way in jp.
>In the recent threads a few anons have been sharing their experiences and a good majority have had that experience

Archive links?
>since I was 10 I have constantly been in everyday environments dominated by females

I jelly.
>everyone in my family has like the lewdest humor on the planet

Even the females?

>might be different for you amerifags though

Not that I've observed; real life's not like what they show on television. What nationality are you?

I am the most egalitarian person I know who fully believes in and espouses the idea that people should be judged by their character and not genetic determinants like race or gender.

And yet, because I don't believe in modern feminist theory like the patriarchy, rape culture, male gaze, or whatever the heck else, I am, on an extremely common basis, called a "bigot", a "sexist", a "misogynist", a "chauvinist". Even though I've told them I don't believe in judging people based on their gender and that we should instead treat people as individuals.

Modern feminism is such a joke.
He's talking about 3DPD, anon...
>Ritsu named among the hollowed top three postergirls
Incredible promotion considering it was only a few short threads ago someone first posted her and asked whether she even qualified.
She was always up there
Iori was a pretty likable character until her crisis arc rolled around, at which point it became obvious she was a self-absorbed asshole.

After that arc I don't understand how anyone could like her.
>Why are all 3DPD tomboys lesbians
You think this is bad, try being attracted to androgynous girls for a spell.
Prior to a few threads ago we only had the trait list too.
File: rit.gif (803.81 KB, 448x360)
803.81 KB
803.81 KB GIF
Not the anon you've been replying to, but I think she's a good example of a... I don't know, a subtle tomboy? But a tomboy nonetheless. She's not a flaming dude, but she is boyish in her behaviour and mannerisms (like Ryuko in KLK).

If anything, she feels like a very realistic type of tomboy.
Not (always) embarrassed by wearing girly clothes, but embarrassed by acting girly (see the episode when they were waitresses to help Mio overcome her stage fear).

Kind of rowdy, doesn't really understand the feminine standards, kind of messy, clumsy... Just boyish.
File: rithair.gif (1001.74 KB, 500x281)
1001.74 KB
1001.74 KB GIF
Also, probably one of the deal breakers for me is her reactions to "feminine" things like looking pretty or crushes.
>You think this is bad, try being attracted to androgynous girls for a spell.
Also false.
I don't know where you people live, but I know girls like this.
Androgynous girls are fucking hot though.
File: 1225901625565.jpg (268.94 KB, 820x1615)
268.94 KB
268.94 KB JPG
>Androgynous girls are fucking hot though.

As long as they're 2D.
Oh I'm aware it's not nearly as bad as exaggerated, I was just posting in the spirit of things. I've known far more straight tomboys than lesbian ones (in fact only one who turned out lesbian). Androgynous girls though, man, maybe I'm just unlucky, but I keep getting burned. I know they're out there, but experience has kinda given me a bitter humor about the whole thing.
>Androgynous girls are fucking hot though.
I find them to be the most beautiful of all girls, which only makes my mood worse.

Where do you live? Apparently I need to relocate.
You're doing yourself a disservice Anon. There are some cuties out there.
File: 100_3557.jpg (2.75 MB, 4400x3300)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB JPG

>You're doing yourself a disservice Anon. There are some cuties out there.

Where do you think you are?
Oh I understand the preference.

I just don't think the two are mutually exclusive.
File: 100_0918.jpg (1006.28 KB, 2580x1720)
1006.28 KB
1006.28 KB JPG

I don't think you understand my point. You're sounding an awfully lot like a normalfag when you're trying to convince 2D-loving anons that they're "missing out" or something because they don't go for 3D.
I live in Wisconsin.

Quite a few in the southern cities. Go to a rave/party bar.
File: Futaba.Kon.full.947082.jpg (1.96 MB, 1600x1506)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB JPG
Bestes Tomboy
"Disservice" was probably the wrong word then, and I should've picked a better one.
Despite never having watched this or read the manga she's one of my favourites.
File: 1389218355514.jpg (543.33 KB, 999x1397)
543.33 KB
543.33 KB JPG
Can't believe I almost missed this thread.
File: Kanbaru9.jpg (73.09 KB, 690x800)
73.09 KB
73.09 KB JPG
I feel bad I didn't see this thread earlier.

I love my waifu to death and would've post her earlier if I've seen this thread.
File: 1389220766709.png (378.75 KB, 662x1091)
378.75 KB
378.75 KB PNG
File: 1389220766709.png (378.75 KB, 662x1091)
378.75 KB
378.75 KB PNG
Thanks for switching my image moot.

The weird thing is it shows up as the right one on the archive

>This doujin

Every time. No. Stop it.
>woke up
>tomboy thread
>updating definition list

>No Nagi-sama
File: 1389163557058.jpg (172.18 KB, 905x1280)
172.18 KB
172.18 KB JPG
If that anon looking for more Naoto is still around, sorry. I had to run out for a bit but I'm back now.
File: p4-3-2.jpg (115.08 KB, 499x551)
115.08 KB
115.08 KB JPG
File: 1260026890893.jpg (106.48 KB, 1280x720)
106.48 KB
106.48 KB JPG
These threads just can't pass by void of her presence.
File: 1389160485198.jpg (228.62 KB, 1157x1637)
228.62 KB
228.62 KB JPG
Tomboys are love.
File: 0027-1236107385580.jpg (245.95 KB, 500x912)
245.95 KB
245.95 KB JPG
File: 1388951246341.png (1.43 MB, 1266x1153)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
>Girls dressing manly
Nothing get's my rocks off more
Because I could only find the trait list and put it up on each thread, then OP got the character list and trait list.

also waking up to tomboy thread is great.
I just watched all of Kino's journey yesterday.
What the fuck was WRONG with the world?
I hated the shit out of grandma "literally worse than hitler" museum guide.
File: 31314915_big_p3.jpg (42.03 KB, 450x450)
42.03 KB
42.03 KB JPG
I'm glad you like it anon, it's one of my favorite things as well.
Mostly the fact that it's our world, dissected and somewhat exaggerated in its wretched, but overlooked parts.

One of the reasons I love this show.

The railroad track was especially brilliant, it's pretty much one of the most famous anecdotes here in the former USSR. And it keeps happening, it keeps happening...
File: 1378590642282.png (430.36 KB, 848x1155)
430.36 KB
430.36 KB PNG
And I can list up another reason why Inaban belongs.
File: 31265795_big_p6.jpg (120.47 KB, 602x855)
120.47 KB
120.47 KB JPG
File: COMIC X-EROS #09.jpg (530.34 KB, 1200x1700)
530.34 KB
530.34 KB JPG
Is it that time again?
Every tomboy thread till this gets translated.
File: 1388732587282.png (834.70 KB, 858x1802)
834.70 KB
834.70 KB PNG
File: p4_naoto2.jpg (470.23 KB, 743x1034)
470.23 KB
470.23 KB JPG
File: 1358794720718.png (72.96 KB, 1670x2048)
72.96 KB
72.96 KB PNG
File: p4_naoto3.jpg (317.32 KB, 850x1208)
317.32 KB
317.32 KB JPG
File: 1229260629764719.png (146.96 KB, 410x453)
146.96 KB
146.96 KB PNG
File: we idolm@ster nao.jpg (108.92 KB, 1012x806)
108.92 KB
108.92 KB JPG
How about cute delinquent rocker?
File: 6ln3.jpg (182.38 KB, 846x1200)
182.38 KB
182.38 KB JPG
Delinquents always seem soo cute.
File: 36303746.jpg (635.23 KB, 668x1000)
635.23 KB
635.23 KB JPG
File: p4_naoto4.jpg (237.14 KB, 735x1292)
237.14 KB
237.14 KB JPG
File: 1344392544159.png (177.93 KB, 690x690)
177.93 KB
177.93 KB PNG
File: ito moe.jpg (100.72 KB, 1280x720)
100.72 KB
100.72 KB JPG
Embarrassed delinquent girl is miracle of the universe.
File: 34272020_big_p0.jpg (295.73 KB, 497x700)
295.73 KB
295.73 KB JPG
Tsugumi from Nisekoi is a reverse trap

Yui Goudou from TWGOK as well
Yui is a pretty shit reverse trap. Even if she dresses in male clothing, she keeps the waist length hair. I had the same issue with Mayo Chiki's "reverse trap". No matter how you look at either of them, they are clearly female and, thus, not a trap by definition
File: 1388451257687.jpg (463.57 KB, 1085x1510)
463.57 KB
463.57 KB JPG
Embarrassed tomboys are miracles, need an cute delinquent girl anime.
File: 1359519778101.jpg (517.79 KB, 1067x1517)
517.79 KB
517.79 KB JPG

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