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But that's wrong.
Neither are particularly mutually exclusive. I've seen all on both boards.
But most of /v/ hates anime. So that's wrong.
KLK is fine and action so belong to right.
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>I hope /v/-senpai notices me.
>Anime /a/ likes
>Anime /v/ likes
Why does everyone except me have shit taste?
Cherry pick harder, OP.
>/a/ liking Nichijou, but not GTO and NGE
Was this made by someone who has been here for literally one day?
top lel m8y, u sure rused me
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Boards are not hiveminds.
What motivated some of those /a/ choices?
I don't even know what the top left is.
I don't doubt /a/ likes Chobits and PPD but I sure haven't ever seen them discussed here.
Negima anime barely registers existing anymore, the only time /a/ talks about it is the manga.
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fixed that for you
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why would /v/ not like KLK its all over that board
the KlK hype comes from /v/ i mean the show is so successful because its made by the same creators of TTGL
>why would /v/ not like KLK its all over that board
Maybe because shitposters hype it on /v/ on purpose so /a/ can have another excuse to hate it?
Anime sucks.
I concede defeat.

>liking samumenco unironically
Sure, everything was fine until guillotine gorrila and all that shit came with it. I still enjoy watching it, but now ironically. Also, the shitstorm was amazing.

>/a/ liking oreimo
Ironically, yes. Shitstorms were great with this one as well.

>not adding nichibros on /a/'s list
>thinking /a/ doesn't like code geass
>being proud of only watching mainstream shit
You're such a faggot, OP.

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