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File: mangafolder.jpg (56.23 KB, 397x510)
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56.23 KB JPG
What's your favorite manga and how big is your non-h manga folder?

My H-Manga folder is literally 4 times bigger
my non-h folder is so big my hard drives failed. fucking shit
File: 1388063122854.jpg (379.92 KB, 880x880)
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379.92 KB JPG
I don't really know, I have an archive folder and then a current folder. I can't asses the ammount of mango in the current folder because there's anime in there too as well as backlog.

My archive folder is a paltry 15gb though.
Small. I don't have hentai folder.
File: manga.jpg (53.54 KB, 330x222)
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53.54 KB JPG
This is an old folder, so not counting stuff from the past one and a half year or so, that's on a different PC.
Oh, and favorite manga is YKK.
I dont have a manga folder, why bother since I can just read it online on batoto?
I dont have a favorite, I havent read enough manga for that.

Japanese locale on a slav PC?
File: img000008.jpg (562.15 KB, 1087x1600)
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562.15 KB JPG
Roughly 10 gigs, but I don't download much manga. I read most of it online instead.

Favorite series is Hinamatsuri. Currently reading 60 series.
File: Untitled.png (6.23 KB, 327x193)
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6.23 KB PNG
Considering how my H-manga and Normal manga are mixed the best i can post is the combined numbers
>26.8 GB
This is the exact size of my comic folder

I don't download manga myself, but
>Comic readers offer many features that you don't get while reading online
>It's easier to keep track of everything you read if you download it
>It's easier to go back and find specific pages if you have the manga downloaded
>Reading is a lot faster and smoother if you've downloaded the manga, because you don't have to wait for each page to load individually

That's pretty much it. It offers some advantages you wouldn't normally get, and it doesn't really have any downside.

It's not a big deal though, unlike streaming anime.
there is a browser plugin made to download the 5 previous and next pages in advance.
>webcomic reader
I used CDisplay althought I am not very confortable with it and I dont see any real advantage over the web view.
I keep track of what I read on a note pad file using "Notepad++"
Try Honeyview.
Yeah, it's not really that big of a deal. The problem is when people use shit like mangareader or mangafox.
Not that guy but as useful as webcomic reader is it's not infallible and if your connection shits out or the site hitches up then you're shit outta luck and it won't be loading anything. A standalone offline reader is better, in that case. That said, I still read manga more often online than off.

Try Honeyview instead of cdisplay.
File: blame-214-215.jpg (274.29 KB, 1300x1100)
274.29 KB
274.29 KB JPG
What about favorite manga?
File: 6hdwk[1].png (9.05 KB, 357x252)
9.05 KB
9.05 KB PNG
Not that big right now, but I've yet to download heaps from my backlog.
File: Untitled.png (26.26 KB, 370x486)
26.26 KB
26.26 KB PNG
Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
I never download H-manga, I just read it online for some reason.
I am surprised most of the times it does not turn among the first results, althought I dont like the internal site search function.
thanks I will check it.
For some reasons I have 2 series downloaded, so it makes for 608 mb.
I would understand the opposite, I would rather go back to fap to the same thing than re read something...except Amagami which I should really download in one time once.
I do go back and fap to the same thing, I just do it on sadpanda.
File: kuro.jpg (825.83 KB, 1000x1438)
825.83 KB
825.83 KB JPG
My manga folder is 2.5GB because I read most of that shit online and have no real reason to archive it ever.

My favorite is Coffin Carrier Kuro. It's got almost everything I liked about KnT without the horribly depressing atmosphere.
File: Untitled.png (16.13 KB, 150x279)
16.13 KB
16.13 KB PNG
Just based on that image and KnT comparison, picked up.
File: Screenshot_10.png (10.95 KB, 365x251)
10.95 KB
10.95 KB PNG
There's nothing wrong with reading online as long as you use Kissmanga or Batoto.

I download because my internet is dodgy as shit, automatic downloading with FMD when new chapters are released and for completed works I can move it to my Kobo for true comfy reading.
File: Capture.png (25.02 KB, 755x488)
25.02 KB
25.02 KB PNG
My H-manga folder is in my general manga folder. Favorite is Psyren followed by 14-sai no Koi.
What do you mean by KnT, if I may ask?
File: 013.jpg (769.74 KB, 1000x1508)
769.74 KB
769.74 KB JPG
It's a 4koma but it uses the format really well. I think the artist's done stuff for NIS games in the past.

Kino no Tabi.
I don't have a favorite manga. I can't seem to finish a lot of the shit I start to read because it seems that the series always start to run out of steam halfway through and just become super boring after that.

Silver Spoon is my favorite though. I really enjoyed Air Gear as well, but then it went full retard when obama was elected and I dropped it. Never finished it, and it's been like 6 fucking years now.
File: awd.jpg (127.85 KB, 701x320)
127.85 KB
127.85 KB JPG
Thank you, KnT is my favorite anime, this is just what I needed.
I really don't have a favorite manga. I'm a big fan of sci-fi seinen series but can't pick one out that really stands out, one that says "okay, they're great but this is my favorite"

I have like 10 non-h manga pictures
File: folder.png (5.85 KB, 331x180)
5.85 KB
5.85 KB PNG
I haven't read a lot of manga yet, but my favorite right now is Oyasumi Punpun.

My total h-manga folder is 71GB.
Oh, non-h manga, I misread the OP.

In that case 8,4 GB.

Welp, Kino no Tabi is one of my number 1 favorite series, so I guess I'll be reading this.
File: man.jpg (361.55 KB, 1101x945)
361.55 KB
361.55 KB JPG
Angel Densetsu

Manga - 376 gb
H-Manga - 122 gb
File: 無題.png (16.10 KB, 435x555)
16.10 KB
16.10 KB PNG
I delete manga after I read it.

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