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Which winter anime has impressed you the most?
Well, Tonari no Seki-kun and Sakura Trick weren't that horrible. Everything else is not for me.

Almost nothing.

The only things I'm still watching are
- space dander
- gin no saji
- chuunibyo
- Wooser S2
Too early to tell?
Mikakunin and SYD*. And the fact that they were just "good" and not really all that impressive goes to show this season isn't so hot.

There's still Sekai Seifuku in an hour and Wizard Barristers tomorrow that could prove me wrong though.
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Pilot Love song.
Please... it's hard to find something watchable.
Sakura Trick.

DEEN managed to turn no budget and Kill Me Baby levels of animation into something really charming and entertaining.
Space Dandy I guess.
Or Nobunaga The Fool in terms of how stupid it was. But I will download the next episode too, just to check if they were actually serious.

A lot have already been released.
I don't care if they've been released or not, if something was to really impress me I'm not going to base it off of 1 or 2 episodes.
I thought this would be stupid.
Turned out it's highly enjoyable. And stupid.
AOTS so far for me.

>wasting all that time
>having such low standards
Never said I wouldn't drop something before then or anything like that, just if something's going to impress me I better enjoy 3/3 episodes minimum.
Yamakan's anime saving anime.
I didn't watch anything this season, just browsed random threads and lurked. Everything looked so shit. I'm excited for sakasama no patema though even if it's bad like I'm expecting.

>taking things this seriously

3 episode rule is bullshit. You can tell an anime is shit by the 1st episode.

Like Imocho.
Space Dandy with it's animation and artstyle.

Seitokai S2 spending whole budget on first episode.
Or Nisekoi.

>being this hipster

>being this much of a faggot
By copying everything Shaft does in Hidamari. Not that that's a bad thing

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Wasn't expecting anything from it. Ramped up retty fast.

>situational irony
sometimes it starts good and goes to shit

like that one where the dude and his alien combat robot fall to earth and there's primitive flotilla people
Sakura Trick
Space Dandy
Mikakunin (can't get over the male VA though)
Chuu2 S2
Oneechan ga Kita
Tonari no Sekikun

Biggest disappoint

Still haven't watched
Mahou Sensou
I was really impressed.

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