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Hi /a/

I have been looking around for some complete RAW manga series, but have found nothing satisfying so far. I was wondering if you guys knew of a good place to grab me some of those.

RAW Anime series would also be relevant to my interests.

Tried that already. Only found http://www.rawmanga.com/ which fails pretty hard. (Couldn't download a single file.)

I also found some websites and torrents for late chapters of popular series, but first I don't just want the few last chapters but complete series (preferably all together) and second I usually don't like/don't care about "popular" series.
That roshi is fucking awesome

The fact that you failed to understand that is proof that you need to lurk moar.
Tokyotosho and Mininova have RAW animu.

Yeah, I get it... But I don't really like getting stuff through IRC. But I guess if you guys can't come up with any other efficient ressource I'll just have to deal with it...
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320 KB JPG

Here's the complete Dragon Ball mango RAW. That's all I know of.
I also dream of the day that rawmanga is working again.

Wow, thanks ! I guess that'll keep me busy for a while !

Anyway, in case anyone cares (which I don't think anyone does...) I am asking this for a rather "classic" reason. I have been studying japanese for well over three years now, first at College, and since recently by myself (because College suxx here in France) and I think I have reached a good level to start reading manga/watching anime in their original version and use that as a support for studying japanese.
Of course I'll have a really hard time in the beginning but oh well, that's my problem.
here. Dragon Ball is a pretty simple manga to read (it even has furigana next to the kanji), so you shouldn't have too much of a problem. I have been studying Japanese for 4+ years and I understand over 70% of the what's being said.
What's not efficient about #lurk? All you need to do is copy paste bot scripts into a fucking window and you get the raw you wanted.
That's a great way to learn Japanese.
on the internet

That's great news then :)

I know this is rather unrelated to this thread, and completely unrelated to this board, but what other reading materials do you use for your japanese studies ? Maybe you have a good enough level to just go around and read random stuff, but I would like simpler, more basic (but still interesting) texts to train with, and I have failed to find any such thing so far.

Thanks again for the Dragon Ball link anyway, though I wish it could go quicker... But it's already great to be able to access it at all.


By "more efficient" I meant something like torrents with a complete series, which would be quicker (provided there are seeders) and simpler (since you download one torrent and not chapters/tomes one by one)

But like I said, if that's really the best out there I'll just deal with it. I'm just not really fond of that method, but it's just my own preferences.
I studied in high school, spent some time in Japan, read college-level text books, and read lots of mango.

>spent some time in Japan

I need and hope to do that one pretty soon >_<

Probably in a year or so. After that it should be much easier to progress. Plus I can bring a buttload of mangas & books back with me...

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