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Watamote OVA "Summer Vacation"

Kuroki Tomoko get's an invitation to have a summer vacation at her grandpa's home in the province. She thought this would be a great chance to tune up her shitty life even for a while. She imagines herself becoming very popular as she boasts the way she live her (shitty) city life. She portrays the country girls to be innocent, ignorant, primitive and antisocial. She thought this would be a good chance to meet someone at her level or even worse than her.

When she arrived to the province, things were not the same as she expected. With the exception to her grandpa, there's hardly any people anywhere. She was disappointed in a way that it looks like she will just spend the whole summer just like what she did at home, locking herself on her room all day long reading manga, watching tv, and playing video games.

One time, she decided to get out and wander around. Before she knows it, she already lost her way. She thought that she will be in trouble if she can't make it to her grandpa's home before dusk. She runs around aimlessly and then she suddenly tripped over. With overwhelming emotions or worry and fear she was in tears while in the OTL pose. Then suddenly a person approached her from behind. It waspic related

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