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Wait, this has an anime?
Sub when?
Just an ova, right? ;_;
I wonder how they can make an anime series after release an OVA like this
I completely forgot about this.

Why no English subs? There's a spanish version out so the raws must be available, right?
He's preparing the kiddies for someone stronger than him.
I took that screenshot from the raw. The only reason I could think of is that the raw isn't good (480p) and this is just an OVA from a middle of a series that hasn't had an anime adaption before
I don't like his voice and now it's stuck in my head whenever I read the manga.
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Nagisa best girl
The manga is damn popular, but I guess people might be waiting for better raws.
Yes, It's rank is higher than Narutard
I couldn't agree more. Tomokazu Seki was a really bad choice, they should have kept Onosaka, he was great as Koro-sensei in the VOMIC.
What is the VOMIC?
Quoting from random page:
"Weekly VOMIC (ヴォミック, Vomikku) is a part of the Japanese variety show Sakiyomi Jan Bang! where popular manga are voiced, regardless of the presence of an anime adaptation. Voiced chapters are shown in parts, and are presented with colored panels much like a moving comic."


Here, have a sample of the AssClass Vomic
If no one's gonna sub it, I'm just going to watch it raw. It'd be nice if it had closed captions though.
File: 33666208_p0.jpg (71.69 KB, 600x664)
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Damn right.

I haven't read this in months though, I don't see threads about it here so I guess it hasn't become interesting again...
I thought it was shit, I mean I also thought the manga was shit but for whoever likes it the OVA is nicely animated and what not but it's just like 1 ep. showcasing the show, nothing more.

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