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Okay, I have finally given in to your cockfaggotry and played Tsukihime - by played I mean "Got all Canon-Endings+Eclipse".

The only actually sad thing has to be Sacchin, though.. :/ Her part of the far side of the Moon story actually made me feel bad.
File: 1204578870767.png (26 KB, 400x400)
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I felt kinda sorry for Ciel in Akiha's route. She's goes through so much shit for Shiki's sake without a barely a thanks. Hell, she was probably more important in that scenario than even her fucking own. :(
Great, but we've all moved on to cockslapping each other about how awesome the Tohou series is

come back in 20 years
Apparently nobody likes Ciel.. I'd still love to know why the hell she has a thing for Curry.

this somehow feels as if you try to parodize /a/

Do you?
I think I read somewhere that, as a semi-joke doujin or something by Nasu's artist, Ciel was introduced to curry by some vampire who apparently wanted her to try it before she killed him, and ended up sparing him after finding out how awesome that stuff was.
Bitch wanted to give Shiki away as sacrifice.
Also, she's a devout Catholic, which draws the ire of /a/non.
"devot catholic" much. Have you even played the game?
yeah. I was under the impression she didn't really give a shit about the church.

I actually felt sorry for Akiha since she has no "good" ending...
I considered her normal ending pretty lulzy
She doesn't. Getting killed repeatedly by them to check if she really doesn't die is not very nice.
I killed her in that route. Then comes Ciel-sensei and tells me to do something else. Like wtf, Akiha asked me to kill her if something bad happened, and it did!
Idort, the whole "Get outside of Arcs Hotel Room to not be slaughtered by the landshark"-thing should've given you a pretty good idea how to behave in the whole game.
Damn, I suddenly feel like looking at the Tsukihime Ending Reactions Picture to see if anything matches up with my reactions.. anybody got it?
File: 1204580541433.jpg (178 KB, 1104x920)
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Mine for Arcueid Good, both Hisui's and Kohaku's were seriously different.
okay, whoever made that picture has to be a pansy.
I mean disregarding the SHOOPing for Aoko (which is very much my real life reaction) and the Sacchin-reaction.

Anyways, I somehow consider Kohakus ending pretty boring.. I mean, it's not as if I didn't suspect the whole maderaping and playing through that plot the third time just made it... kinda boring. :/

Ciel's crazy LOL LOVE COMEDY-Ending with Arc and Shiki was pretty "wtf" and nothing else. It's like a Gainax-Ending - considering Nasus writing you'd expect something sad to happen or whatnot and he comes with some sort of Love Hina-shit.

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