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So, uh, guys. I started this anime club at my college with intent to mess with my university's horrifying weeb population.

In the first two weeks we took votes for what shows to watch and got a feel for people's tastes.

The next few weeks we showed terrible shows in an attempt to drive people out. We sent out an announcement that we would be showing boku no pico and showed dinosaur king instead. Stuff like that.

It's run its course and I'm pretty completely done with it. Talked to professor who runs the room I was holding it in and told him we wouldn't be meeting anymore. I informed the members.

The thing is, this autistic guy in the club who had himself convinced that he was the Vice President of Anime Club has continued attempting to run it in my absence.

He's repeatedly talked about his love of hentai and intent to show it in the club. If he does, I will take the fall for it.

What do
Not your blog.
Can you just talk to him about it?
This is not even anime related.
Ah, sorry. I'll scoot over there asap. Shameful of me
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>I started this anime club at my college
>OP !fmJRnC5rvE

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