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Yesterday I had a dream. After the end of one of the series this season, Madoka 2 will be announced for June this year. Any data that can corroborate this information?
Nope. Probably wouldn't be that soon anyway.
I had a dream where you would start sucking cock because OP is a faggot.

No. The biggest reason as stated by SHAFT CEO Kubota:

>Are you working on any new animations now?

>Are you familiar with the Monogatari series? We've been making the second season of Monogatari, at the same time as Kizumonogatari. At the same time, we are also working on a new series called Nisekoi, which is published in Shonen Jump. That's supposed to air in January. We're also working on a new title called Mekaku City Actors. I know you like Kizumonogatari, but please wait for our new titles too.

At SHAFT, an one-cour anime takes 6-9 months to animate, so it's safe to say that SHAFT studio is well booked for the forseeable future.
>Mekaku City Actors
Speaking of dreams, a while back I had one that the medusa lost control of her power and killed all of her friends. I know that definitely doesn't happen, but there could be some original SHAFT content in the anime.
Rebellion got enough success for 2-3 more years. They won't make more Madoka in near future.

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