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So let's be honest here /a/ did you drop some anine last season. Are you just watching them now being too impatient to wait weekly?

I for some droped these but I do plan on watching them later.

Kill la Kill
Strike the Blood
Golden Time
Freezin S2
Walkure Romance
Seikai de Ichiban
Gundam Build Fighters

Shit I actually watching till the end every week.

Non Non Biyori
Toyko Ravens
Log Horizon
Miss Monochrome

So how does your droped and finished list look like /a/?
I finished Monogatari, Kyousogiga, Non Non Biyori, KLK(well, the first half), and Kyoukai no Kanata.

Dropped with the intention of watching later:
Galilei Donna(but I won't watch it in the end because it turned out to be shit apparently)
Yozakura Quartet
Arpeggio of Blue Steel(planned to drop it for good but apparently it's not so bad)

Didn't watch at all but might:
Miss Monochrome
some of the LN adaptations and shit.
Yozakura Quartet.

Was interesting, but dropped for the time being to catch up with manga.

Rewatching atm.
Dropped Kill la Kill and Outbreak Company, but I'm planning to watch them both later.
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Why are their breasts so obese?

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