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I think I got it guys.
The instrumentality project is an allegory for suicide.
Shinji rejects the project and decides to keep living.
That ending wasn't bad at all. I like how it examined the characters and illuminated the themes of the show. I can also relate to alot of the issues being discussed. All of you complainers are retarded. What you say all comes down to
> i want muh action
I loved this show. Thanks /a/
I guess in as much as one considers the dissolution of your identity into the whole as what happens after death, then yea why not
Wait, there are people who call the ending bad?
I say suicide because depression is one of the major themes of the show.
The TV ending was great, I dunno what people are talking about
I hear people complain about it all the time. just look at any eva review on youtube
>anime reviews on youtube

Well there's your problem.
If anything, the message is about how humans will try to be greedy even when it's impossible.

All humans are basically a scab of lilith, and instrumentality is a process that will completely heal that wound. There is no reason to exclude people because everyone is lilith anyway.
huh well that's a fairly unique interpretation and it fits reasonably well

opinion archived for further examinatino
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this. youtube is a bigger cesspool of retards than /b/. Eva was a fantastic series, and the movies made it even better.

also OP, i see what you're saying in the metaphorical sense, how the instrumentality project would be ending your individuality (or killing self) and in the end he sees it isn't really what he wants.
OP your taste is shit and Eva is shit
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